In the Holiday Spirit!

Today my husband and I went out to get our Christmas Tree and broke out the Christmas decorations! We had a great time watching Christmas movies and lighting up the house. We don’t have as many decorations as we would like yet, but over the last three years (since we have been married), we have slowly been building it up.

As we were putting up the tree, a thought occurred to me – this may be our last Christmas as just a couple. Next year, it is possible, we will have a baby! It is a very bizarre and exciting thought. My husband said is was exciting to think about buying “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments and baby outfits! I love that he is excited about becoming a father. It makes me even more excited.

I hope you are all having a great weekend!





And anxiety returns

As I have been sharing over the last several weeks, my husband and I are moving forward with beginning our family aka having kids! What we have been talking and praying about, is whether to foster/adopt first or have a biological child first. We had decided to pursue foster/adopting first, however, we reached a mild road block in the process. We have been placed on a waiting list and it will be several months before we actually begin foster care training. Naturally, we were disappointed, however, we revisited the discussion about having a biological child first, and after much praying and talking we have decided to go ahead with trying to get pregnant! 

Foster care is still something we are persuing, but we decided that it is finally time to jump in 100% and begin trying while we wait for training. 

My only concern is my anxiety disorder. I am terrified that once I go off my medication that my hormones will increase the intensity of my anxiety. I want my baby to be healthy and I don’t want my anxiety to get in the way.

Have any of you dealt with an anxiety disorder while pregnant? If so, how did you help yourself? 

Beauty of family

I had a wonderful holiday weekend with my in-laws! The whole family came to our house and my husband smoked some meat, and we had a BBQ! It is really rare that we all get together and it was a blast! The best part about the whole weekend was when all 7 of us went on a walk around our neighborhood with all 8 of our combined dogs! It was quite the sight! 

I feel very blessed to have married into such a loving and kind family. We all love each other, even when we get on each other’s nerves. My own family is 1,900 miles away, and sometimes it is difficult to be so far. However, my in-laws ease the pain that distance brings. Family is such a beautiful thing!