Sad puppies 

Well My dogs are very depressed that my husband and I are going to Ohio. Their little faces make me want to stay home! I don’t know how I will be able to handle being away from them for 10 days! Sad! On top of missing my own puppies, my parents don’t have any pets so I will be unable to substitute another animal for cuddling urges! Devastating! 


Happy Saturday

I hope that you all have a relaxing Saturday! Today I am getting my hair done, which I always find exciting! It feels good to be able to take things slow and just relax! 

Thor is planning on taking it easy today too!  


A bird sanctuary!

For years now I have wanted to set up a bird houses in my front yard, and this morning I finally set them up! I love watching the little birds fly around and enjoy the treats I set up for them. Growing up, my father always loved to take care of the birds in our yard, so I want to carry on the tradition at my own home.

Now that I have my own home, I want to landscape the front of the house with flowers and stuff to make it look pretty and homy! If you have any suggestions, let me know because this is all new territory for me. 🙂

Check out what my new little houses! My first step towards being a real landscaper!

IMG_1641 IMG_1639 IMG_1641

Ever wish…?

Early in the mornings, as I get ready for work, I find myself wishing I could just lay around all day like my pups. All I would have to worry about is going to the bathroom, chasing rabbits, eating, and napping. That, to me, sounds like an incredible day! 

Have a fantastic Tuesday!