Exhausted by fun!

Tonight I could barely bring myself to post because I am so exhausted from our trip to the zoo! I love that my family, ages 25-62, was excited to go to the zoo! Neither my brother or I have children, but we all had a blast! 


No one knew I was taking their picture here! HAHA!! My dad in the background is hilarious! And my husband is trying to help my mom with her phone and my brother is watching the elephants!   

Sad puppies 

Well My dogs are very depressed that my husband and I are going to Ohio. Their little faces make me want to stay home! I don’t know how I will be able to handle being away from them for 10 days! Sad! On top of missing my own puppies, my parents don’t have any pets so I will be unable to substitute another animal for cuddling urges! Devastating! 


Happy Saturday

I hope that you all have a relaxing Saturday! Today I am getting my hair done, which I always find exciting! It feels good to be able to take things slow and just relax! 

Thor is planning on taking it easy today too!