Getting away from it all!

This weekend was much needed! It started off with our school’s basketball team having a chance to play on the Phoenix Suns’ court and then being able to go see the game! It was a blast! My husband and I don’t normally go to many sporting events, but i think that is going to change! We loved it! Our daughter, who is one, did too! She was so good.

Then yesterday we took our daughter to an aquarium for the first time, and watching her see the ocean animals for the first time, was magical! I love being able to have the opportunity, and the means, to take her to different places to learn about the world around her.

Sometimes it is important to get away! We leave several hours outside of Phoenix, and it was time for us to go on a family adventure. Not only is it refreshing, but it was also good for our marriage! We can just have fun together as a family, instead of worrying about everything!

It has been amazing

Family trip!

We are taking our first family vacation with our baby girl! Phoenix! Technically she was born here due to her emergency birth and me being flown down here, but it’s our first time back to Phoenix since we left the hospital, and we are here to enjoy ourselves! My parents are coming from Ohio to hang out as well, so we are really looking forward to the time away from home. 

On Thursday, Eisley has her follow up Eye Appointment, which will be the first one since we left the hospital. We were given the all good before we left the NICU, so we are thinking we should be good to go. However, it does spike up my anxiety a little bit, because I hate having to take her back to see more doctors. My husband (as well as my parents) are here as support so I am dealing with the anxiety pretty well. 

I will keep you updated on how things go, and on what adventures we have while in town! 

Have an amazing day! 

Magical Summer Nights

I love to lose myself in the nostalgic feelings of a warm summer night. The crickets chirping in the bushes, and the light wind rustling through the leaves  reminds me of a time when I had no cares or responsibilities. When anything was possible and I wrote the rules. Summers were full of endless possibilities and infinite adventures. 

My life may not be as simple now, but summer nights will always be magical for me. It helps that I am a teacher because I have the entire summer off! That is pretty magical! 

A Sno Cone Summer

The sweet bite of cold ice on my tongue takes me back to hot summer nights eating sno cones! This was one of my favorite treats of the summer when I was younger. This evening, after going out to dinner, my husband and I found a little “gas and go” shop that sold sno cones and they were incredible! I believe that I have found my daily afternoon snack for the summer!


Beauty of family

I had a wonderful holiday weekend with my in-laws! The whole family came to our house and my husband smoked some meat, and we had a BBQ! It is really rare that we all get together and it was a blast! The best part about the whole weekend was when all 7 of us went on a walk around our neighborhood with all 8 of our combined dogs! It was quite the sight! 

I feel very blessed to have married into such a loving and kind family. We all love each other, even when we get on each other’s nerves. My own family is 1,900 miles away, and sometimes it is difficult to be so far. However, my in-laws ease the pain that distance brings. Family is such a beautiful thing! 




Prays for safe travel and anxiety

Tomorrow my husband and I are heading to Ohio to visit my family! I am so excited! I love going home to visit and hang out with my family and friends! YAY!

As for the anxiety side of things: I am doing extremely well! I have ZERO anxiety! I only feel pure, unadultered excitement! However, my husband is experiencing a lot of anxiety because he does not enjoying flying. His anxiety really manifested itself today because he was cleaning abd rearranging nearly everything. He experiences a lot of anxiety when his routine is altered or he feels out of control. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. I want him to enjoy his time and most importantly be at peace. 

OH! On a positive note! I got new luggage today ! 


Riding into the sunset

It feels so good to be able to finally feel at peace, without the constant load of anxiety weighing on my shoulders. At this time last year, even a simple walk around around the block gave me anxiety. Fast forward a year later and I am full of life and peace again! This evening my husband and I went out on the road to just drive around with no destination in mind! We just set off and blasted the Footloose soundtrack! It was fantastic! It feels wonderful to experience peace in simple moments.

If you are struggling with your anxiety remember that it will not last forever. Reach out to those around you and do not be ashamed that something is wrong. We have been there, and it is ok. Don’t loose hope.