What are your blessings?

There are times in life when our minds become over saturated with negative thoughts and attitudes, and finding anything positive in our situation seems impossible! Foolish even. However, if you look closely, you can find it. The small, dim light radiating a flicker of heat on your otherwise chilled spirit. Examine the world around you to discover these hidden blessings that we often overlook. 

Last week this lesson applied directly to me. My attitude was sour and my anxiety was high. Never a good combination! I could not see any blessings in my life. However, there was a moment when I was laying on the floor after a workout, just feeling sorry for myself, when one of my dogs came up to me and pressed herself lovingly against me in a doggy hug. It touched my heart and reminded me that I have people (and even canines) that love me, and there is no greater blessing than that. 

I challenge you to find just 1 blessing in your day. When you find yourself filled with negative thoughts, meditate on that blessing. Fight the negativity and darkness. Open your arms wide and soak in the light of positivity. 

Here is one of my three little furry blessings! 

Positivity challenge

Since Monday is often a rough day for people, I challenge you to say something kind to as many people as you can! Just a quick smile, or “I love that shirt”, ” or “have a great day”. The smallest smile or compliment can go further than we could ever imagine to someone who feels their life is void of hope. I have been in that situation and the tinest act of kindness would carry me through the day. 

So! Take this challenge and see what happens! Help give hope to someone who otherwise would be without! 

Comment below and let me know what happened 🙂 

A little anxiety

Today has been very relaxing. I spent it redecorating our bedrooms with my husband and my pups! We watched tv and smoked some bbq pork loin. However, just a small touch of anxiety has followed me around and I am doing my best to push onward with a positive attitude. I am going to do a short yoga video and then loose myself in a good book as I snuggle up to my man. I will not dwell on the anxiety, because it has no power over me! I am in control! I am strong and brave. Goodbye anxiety!

It is worth the fight

Living with anxiety can be a difficult task. Honestly, there are very dark days when we feel as if the world is falling apart. As if we can never feel tranquility or complete happiness. It can feel like we are in a large scale theater show were we must carry out the actions and say the right lines, yet we have no feeling behind them. We can feel trapped in an endless cycle of fear, panic and obsessions.

However, it does not last forever. Though anxiety cannot be cured, it can be trained. We can learn and transform ourselves into masters of our illness! It takes a lot of hard work but it pays off! The darkness does not have to win. First, we must admit that we have a problem and then we can find a path to follow on the road to wellness!

I never thought I could live happily with anxiety! I never thought I would be at peace with my anxiety. Finally, after 29 years of life, I am able to accept myself for who I am! 100%! Anxiety and all!

You can do the same!

A touch of anxiety lingers

Must students were wonderful today and I was very proud of them. We had a lot of fun learning together and explore our learning on our iPads! And they actually worked today! Yay! That doesn’t always happen!

However, as the day went along, I noticed I had a twinge of anxiety following me around that would pop up suddenly and at unexpected times. I am not sure why it is coming around today, but I am not going to give in! I am going to think positively and keep pressing forward!

Anxiety DOES NOT control me! I control anxiety!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!

Do you ever have times when you feel like you are just a hot mess? I do! I feel like my anxiety takes over and I don’t know what is up from down, and my ADHD kicks into high gear and I have word vomit all day long! Not to mention I am running around, jumping, overly excited, all while being nervous at the same time!? What the heck is that all about?! They seem to contradict each other.

I have realized that everyone has a demon they fight behind closed doors. Everyone struggles with something. So why not laugh about it? Making it seem small and insignificant helps with learning how to cope. Clearly our problems are not just jokes, they are real situations and are very painful. But can’t we take time to step outside ourself and view it in a different light?

Try to view your struggles in a different way. Come at them from a different angle. You may be surprise at what you discover.


What do you do when stress and anxiety follow you?

I have to admit that today was not my best day. Work was rough, the kids were wild, and anxiety decided to follow me around all day. When measuring it on my Anxiety scale, it would rank at about a 4, which isn’t overly high but it is still uncomfortable. At one point in the day my eyes welled up with tears while I was working one on one with a student. Luckily, I have had that student for three years and he was very sweet about it. By the time I headed home my anxiety level had risen to a 6.

What I found most helpful in my anxious moments is distraction. I was at home so I decided to listen to my audiobook while I packed for my business trip (I am heading to a technology training tomorrow). I love listening to books so that helped decrease the anxiety. Also, I cuddled my pups, which is actually proven to lower stress levels, so I am going to cuddle even more now! Once I was finished packing I started a new tv series on Netflix to further distract from the anxiousness. I have to admit, it all helped a lot. I am sitting at about a 2 right now.

There is a large part of me that doesn’t want to go to work tomorrow because I want to avoid all stress triggers, but I love my students and they are why I continue to fight this battle against anxiety! I want to be there for them and help them discover the joy in learning! I am going to focus on the positive to keep the anxiety at bay.

What are your strategies for dealing with your anxiety or stress?

We are set free

Disorders of the mind
Are unseen and unheard
Only now has it been given a voice
Technology allows us to see
What has been going on all this time
Imbalances of chemistry
Is all it is
No monsters
Nothing to be afraid of
The fear is in the unknown
But now we know!
We are set free
Given a chance to feel
We are set free!

What are your best qualities?

There are always times when we all feel down and, for lack of better words, beat ourselves up. In the past, there have been times where I could hardly look in the mirror because I was so angry with myself. I truly think we are often times too hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up over small things, and some not so small things, but honestly, I believe we are all trying our best in the situations we are in.

If you are feeling down about yourself I want you to write down at least one thing you like about yourself. ANYTHING! Each day, add one more item to the list, and soon you will see you have many wonderful qualities about yourself!

If you would like to comment below and leave some things you like or even love about yourself, feel free! We should share our self love!! 🙂

Here are my top three:
1. I like my excitement about life
2. I have a huge imagination
3. I have pretty amazing hair