Grocery shopping Poem

Every weekend I have to go to the store,
But even when I go, I always need more!

Coupons, lists, meats, veggies and fruits,
Oh man! What aisle can I find meds for the toots?!

My cart is overflowing with merchandise,
I snuck in some chocolate, which is my not so secret vice!

Now I must suck it up and go get groceries,
And be most certain to sneak in treats to please my ovaries!


Arizona Autumn

Arizona Autumn unlike any other,
Because we finally say goodbye to 100 degree heat!
Goodbye to shorts and tank tops,
And hello jeans, hoodies and socks to cover my feet!

Arizona Autumn is unlike any other,
Because we still wear sunscreen on those long days outside.
Time to ride quads, dirt bikes and dune buggies,
And enjoy the beauty of the state I will always reside.