Back from the Vet! 

Tripod, minus 8 teeth,  is back from the vet! I was so nervous all day and I am happy to report that it was for nothing! The surgery went well and she is happily resting.  

On the way home from the vet, she felt well enough to do a mini photo shoot with me in the car! 

Thank you for all your kinds thoughts and prayer! You are all wonderful!



Beauty of family

I had a wonderful holiday weekend with my in-laws! The whole family came to our house and my husband smoked some meat, and we had a BBQ! It is really rare that we all get together and it was a blast! The best part about the whole weekend was when all 7 of us went on a walk around our neighborhood with all 8 of our combined dogs! It was quite the sight! 

I feel very blessed to have married into such a loving and kind family. We all love each other, even when we get on each other’s nerves. My own family is 1,900 miles away, and sometimes it is difficult to be so far. However, my in-laws ease the pain that distance brings. Family is such a beautiful thing! 




Sad puppies 

Well My dogs are very depressed that my husband and I are going to Ohio. Their little faces make me want to stay home! I don’t know how I will be able to handle being away from them for 10 days! Sad! On top of missing my own puppies, my parents don’t have any pets so I will be unable to substitute another animal for cuddling urges! Devastating! 


Ever wish…?

Early in the mornings, as I get ready for work, I find myself wishing I could just lay around all day like my pups. All I would have to worry about is going to the bathroom, chasing rabbits, eating, and napping. That, to me, sounds like an incredible day! 

Have a fantastic Tuesday!