Redfored movement in Arizona

Things have been pretty intense here in Arizona in regards to education! We just ended day two of our strike, and it feels amazing to be apart of something so monumental and historic. We want the best for our students, and right now they aren’t getting it. The educational funding in AZ is pathetic, and it’s awful because the kids are the ones who are loosing out. We are all standing together to ensure our kids get what they deserve!

Over the last few weeks I have been apart of two demonstrations, and each time I feel so full of energy. It’s exciting to rally and come together as a community. Most of the responses in town are positive. Whenever there is negativity, we make sure we respond positively because, in the end, we are setting examples for our students.

My daughter was even able to come to both rallies! Yay! I love that when she is older, she will be able to say she took part in this historical moment.

A little anxiety

As I have mentioned in previous posts, this school year I have a new teaching position. For the last two years, of my 4 years teaching career, I have been co-teaching. I am certified special education, so the way my school has it set up, I had been mostly a glorified assistant for the last two years. I am grateful for the experience but I did not overly enjoy co-teaching. I did, however, make some new friends! 

However, this year I am going to have my own classroom, with 50% special Ed and 50% general Ed. I took my certification tests and I am now qualified to teach general education as well. 

I am feel nervous because I am now solely responsible for test scores and growth. Before I had some help but this year I am on my own. I am really looking forward to the challenge but I am also scared of falling short of expectations. 

What happened to the Passion?

I found it sad today when I student told me that he didn’t need to learn anymore because he had already taken the test he needed to take. What message are we sending our kids by testing them so often? How are we providing them with the knowledge to help them become well rounded adults if our curriculum is only geared at what might appear on a state test? It is heartbreaking to think how these students, who I care about as if they were my own, are missing the point of learning. Learning is not something to be gained only so to pass a test! Learning is about feeding our deepest human yearning and following the path our curiosity sets before us. I hope that we teachers can find a way to fix this broken system and bring passion back to our classrooms.

Art lesson!

The last few weeks have been very stressful and draining. The end of a school year is always insane! For whatever reason I always seem to forget that fact. I think that the adults in the building feel “summer fever” the most because they all start to get snippy and start all kinds of drama! I am so ready to get away from it all! 

So to escape the never ending stream of educational drama (lol) I am taking an art lesson tomorrow morning!! I am really looking forward to it and I will be sure to share it with all of you when I am finished! I am going to be learning how to use all the painting supplies I got for my birthday! I can’t wait! 

In need

I am In need of some prayers and positive thoughts. Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation to my school’s Board of Education about the work I have been doing to promote positive PR through social media. I have never been to a Board meeting, and if I am honest, I am a little nervous. I only have to present for 3-5 minutes, which I can easily fill, I just hope they like what I have to say and I don’t look like a completely idiot! LOL! When I get nervous I tend to crack a lot of jokes ao I am hoping I don’t say anything too weird! LOL 

It may not change, but don’t loose hope

So many of you commented and gave me support a few days ago when I posted about my job frustrations, and I am so humbled by all of your kind words. You have all helped me feel “normal” and reminded me that I am not the only one who struggles with the unknown.

I have been working very hard on my attitude about my position next year, which  is still unknown. To clarify, I have a guaranteed teaching position in special education, they just have to figure out numbers and decide where my position fits. It is difficult to wait an not know how to prepare or who to plan with. Teachers start planning for the next year, even before school is out for summer! 

So my attitude is slightly better but it is still a struggle and triggers anxiety whenever I think about it. However, even though I still experience inner turmoil, I am not going to give into self pity and bitterness. When we decide to change our attitudes, change will not act as a light switch. It takes hard work and dedication to turn it around. I am going to work everyday at making sure I am positive, even when I don’t feel it! 

We don’t have to hate Monday

Mondays are often devastating simply because they are a reminder that we must drudge through another work week. Reports to write, lessons to teach, meals to make, annoying co-workers to pretend to like, and countless other responsibilities. However, we do not have to live our lives hating Monday! What if we changed our perspective and saw it as a chance to show kindness to someone we may not encounter in any other setting. Let’s conquer this Monday and make it our best! Show those around you what it means to positive and be the good that this world needs!


Long Day

After a long day of work, there is nothing I love more than loosing myself in a good book! That is precisely what I am about to do!

Sleep well everyone! Remember to stay positive and enjoy the beauty around you! No matter how small 🙂

Oh and great news! Anxiety free today!