In need

I am In need of some prayers and positive thoughts. Tomorrow, I am giving a presentation to my school’s Board of Education about the work I have been doing to promote positive PR through social media. I have never been to a Board meeting, and if I am honest, I am a little nervous. I only have to present for 3-5 minutes, which I can easily fill, I just hope they like what I have to say and I don’t look like a completely idiot! LOL! When I get nervous I tend to crack a lot of jokes ao I am hoping I don’t say anything too weird! LOL 

It may not change, but don’t loose hope

So many of you commented and gave me support a few days ago when I posted about my job frustrations, and I am so humbled by all of your kind words. You have all helped me feel “normal” and reminded me that I am not the only one who struggles with the unknown.

I have been working very hard on my attitude about my position next year, which  is still unknown. To clarify, I have a guaranteed teaching position in special education, they just have to figure out numbers and decide where my position fits. It is difficult to wait an not know how to prepare or who to plan with. Teachers start planning for the next year, even before school is out for summer! 

So my attitude is slightly better but it is still a struggle and triggers anxiety whenever I think about it. However, even though I still experience inner turmoil, I am not going to give into self pity and bitterness. When we decide to change our attitudes, change will not act as a light switch. It takes hard work and dedication to turn it around. I am going to work everyday at making sure I am positive, even when I don’t feel it! 

Encouragement needed

Most of the time here at the Persistent Platypus, I like to provide enouragement to those in need. However, this time I am in need of a little encouragement. I am very frustrated, and slightly anxious, about my job for next year. I am a special education teacher who works at a school with a high turn-over rate. The turn-over is mostly due to the fact that my school is literally in the middle of the desert and most people use it as a launch pad for their careers. Due to this turn-over rate, my position is always up in the air at the end of each year. Special Ed positions are always last to be scheduled because they have to wrap around the general education classes to be able to service the students in special education.

This is always a very stressful time of year for me because I am always in limbo. It is hard for me not to know, or not to plan for next year. I am fully aware that my anxiety doesn’t help the process get any easier. 

What are some ways that you have found to be helpful for you when dealing with uncertainty? 

We don’t have to hate Monday

Mondays are often devastating simply because they are a reminder that we must drudge through another work week. Reports to write, lessons to teach, meals to make, annoying co-workers to pretend to like, and countless other responsibilities. However, we do not have to live our lives hating Monday! What if we changed our perspective and saw it as a chance to show kindness to someone we may not encounter in any other setting. Let’s conquer this Monday and make it our best! Show those around you what it means to positive and be the good that this world needs!


Living the Dream

Today was an incredible teaching day! My students were wonderful, which is not always the case. I mean, they are in middle school, so their emotions vary from moment to moment. I felt like all of my classes absorbed the lesson and responded well to what was being taught. It is times like today when I am reminded why I love what I do. Even on the hardest days, I wouldn’t trade my job for any other job. It is because teaching in my dream. It is what I was created to do. Whether or not I stay in the classroom or not, I know that my life will be centered around teaching others.

I believe that whatever your passion is, you should find a way to incorporate it into your daily life. It may be writing, reading, talking, or socializing. All of these characteristics can be incorporated into various jobs or hobbies. If you cannot find it with full time employment, then after work or school, try to fit it into your routine. It feels good to be engaging in an activity that you enjoy, and in turn you feel more positive and alive. Don’t let your days become mundane. Fill time with passion and your dreams. Life it too short to spend it doing things you hate.