Still taking school pictures at 30?!

yes, another perk of being a teacher is that we get school pictures every year! LOL! I’m going to be honest! I actually enjoy school pictures! This year, mine isn’t too bad! My hair looks giant though! I suppose that’s a good thing to be remembered for in a yearbook! 


Oh! And here is a picture I found on my phone today! Apparently one of my students got me when I didn’t know! I was hacked! Lol! They are lucky I love them! 


Incredible Sci-Fi

if you are a Sci-fi fan, and you haven’t already read the Martian, you MUST! I just started it yesterday and I am hooked! I have it on audiobook and I have been listening to it while I have been painting the garage. My husband, who never reads fiction, is even enjoying it! I even caugh him LAUGHING! Gasp! 

The novel has been adapted into a screen play that is set to release Nov 25, 2015! I will be there opening night! 

Check it out!  


1500?! Really?!

WOW! How can I be at 1500 followers! I truly appreciate your support and kindess as I have blogged about the journey I have been traveling over the last several months. Anxiety is a difficult disorder but I have been learning that it makes me strong! Facing my battle alone would have been terrifying, but being here on WordPress has given me a voice I never thought I could have! 


Ready for a great week!

Well, my husband and I are back home from Phoenix and snuggled in our beds, after watching the Super Bowl. I don’t normally watch sports (other than having it on in the back ground), but I have to say it was a great game!

I am starting my week with a positive attitude and I am hoping to make the most of it. I am going to stay focused on the good and move on past the bad. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Do something for yourself!

In honor of this glorious Friday, I challenge you to do something kind for yourself! Many of us spend our days caring for everyone EXCEPT ourselves, so today I give everyone permission to give themselves a little treat! 🙂
Enjoy and share below 🙂


ADHD and Me!

ADHD makes me, me!
It fills my brain with creativity,
But also sparks off my anxiety.
My impulsiveness gives me words of great hilarity,
And I’m pretty sure it can annoy my family!
I always tried hard in school but teachers told me I was lazy,
And those comments always made me the most crazy!
Even though not everyone understands ADHD,
Someday the world will know and we will stand united as a great big WE!

Dog Noses

Cool little noses,
Smell my toeses,
As I lay softly in bed.

Their quick little sniffs,
And lumbering whiffs,
Tickle gently next to my head.

Goodnight little dogs,
Try not to be a bed hog,
Dream of treats you will soon be fed.