Back to work

This four day weekend has been fantastic!
I’ve eaten so much I think my pants need elastic!
Now it’s time to go back to the real world,
But I would rather stay under my blankets warm and curled.
I’ll miss sleeping in until late in the afternoon,
And going to bed after the night has no moon.
Good thing I love my teaching job,
Or I would just stay home all and be a slob!

Have a great week!

My guilty pleasure is…

My guilty pleasure is Paranormal Romance! I can’t seem to get over them. I truly could devour all paranormal romance novels. 🙂 I particularly have a thing for werewolves… Yum! Not vampires! I ICK!

Guess what?! I am proud of my guilty pleasure (even though my friends who have found out give me a hard time).

What is your guilty pleasure?

A little poem about FRIDAY

Friday is most definitely my favorite day of the week,
Especially since my jeans make me feel skinny and sleek!
There is an feel of comfort floating through the air,
And everyone acts like their problems couldn’t cause them a single care!
I know the weekend will bring about so many exciting adventures,
But I’ll be careful so I don’t end up having to ever wear a pair dentures!
So on this most sacred and revered days of the week,
Be sure to fill your heart with joy and instead of those thoughts that are dark and bleak!

My very first Podcast!

Last night I created my very first podcast! Since you all have been so wonderful and have supported me as I have opened up about my anxiety. On my podcast I go deeper into explaining what anxiety is and how I have coped. Also, you will get to hear my voice, which I’m sure you have been dying to hear! LOL! As always, I insert my own humor and quirky jokes! Check it out!

My Podcast

And Ode to Tiredness

At this moment, I feel so irrefutably tired,

My muscles have shut down, but my brain is still wired!

Memories flash by from today back to the day I was born, 

And replay until they are monotonous and worn. 

So I decide to make good use of my time,

And write a corny little poem that will rhyme!