Work and working out don’t always get along…

I love my job and I love working out, however, I can’t always muster up the energy to do both in one day recently. This week has been NUTS and I can feel my body getting tight and ache-y, and I know I can really use some yoga! It is just difficult to combine going back to work after the summer and using my remaining energy to workout. I know it is not difficult, but goodness, I can’t motivate myself this week! Teaching can drain your day (always in a positive way).

What do you guys do to motivate yourself to workout after a long, tiring day?

I guess I was grumpy!

My darling husband informs me this evening that I am grumpy, just after I snap at him for sneezing and yawning too loudly. He casts me a strange and mischievous look and proceeds to yawn excessively, and purposefully loudly. Of course, I snap at him again for always being loud and he continues to laugh and tell me how grumpy I am. I really didn’t realize I was so grumpy until I got snippy with my dog for trying to cuddle me! Oops! Looks like I really was irritable. I decided to do a few minutes of yoga, to release the excessive amount of tension I was carrying around all day, and now I feel so much better!

Even though I was outrageously grumpy, I’m glad my husband got a good laugh out it all! What a rascal!

Killer yoga!

This morning I did Jillian Michael’s Yoga Inferno workout, and my goodness it was rough (in a good way). I thought that I was in pretty good shape since I have been making sure to practice yoga several times a week, but I had to stop a few times during the sets. I feel really good now that it’s over (hahaha) My abs and legs feel strong, and my posture is straight. It was worth the workout, for sure. 

A change in my body that I noticed since starting yoga, is my chest is so much more open. I can physically feel how it is no longer hunched over and tight. This is a great feeling because my chest is normally very tight from my anxiety. The symptoms of my anxiety are much less predominate since I started the practice. I highly recommend started yoga! I love it!

A Moment I Would Never Have that was Followed by Yoga

Tonight, as my husband and I were driving home from a BBQ, the air was warm and sweet. Our car windows were rolled down and we took the long way home so we could saturate ourselves in the beauty of this summer night. As the wind curled through my hair and kissed across my cheeks, my hand rested gently on top of my husband’s. I felt hyper aware of his presence as we sat together sharing in this unspoken moment. I smiled and felt my heart swell with emotions of utter and complete peace. Not a single shred of anxiety crossed my mind or tightened my chest. Surreal really, considering that most days I have at least a tickling of anxiety pressing against my chest. Nothing put contentment and joy resonated within me. It was indescribably beautiful. Never in a million years could I imagine stretching moments to exist without anxious thought. But here I am, an hour later, still without anxiety. God is good! 

By the time we got home I was ready to further my peaceful mind and practice some yoga. It felt so good to relax my body and allow it to match the restful and relaxed state of my mind and spirit. Now, I am ready to drift off to sleep and recharge for tomorrow! 

For a visual, here is a picture of the end of my yoga practice (in my new pants) with Thor sleeping at my feet! 



I love that Thor is always near by 🙂