Smoked Ribs and Pajama Pants!

Today was a really fun day because my husband and I spent most of it tending to a rack of ribs we were smoking. My husband got it for Christmas and we finally got to try it out, and let me tell you it was incredible! It was so relaxing to sit out on the front porch and watch the smoke billow from the smoker. The entire yard, if not neighborhood, smelled of sweet Apple smoke. The best part about this culinary adventure was that we did it in our pjs!

Oh! And I was anxiety free! YAY!






Grocery shopping Poem

Every weekend I have to go to the store,
But even when I go, I always need more!

Coupons, lists, meats, veggies and fruits,
Oh man! What aisle can I find meds for the toots?!

My cart is overflowing with merchandise,
I snuck in some chocolate, which is my not so secret vice!

Now I must suck it up and go get groceries,
And be most certain to sneak in treats to please my ovaries!


Peanut Butter and chocolate

Thank you for all of your suggestions on what type of cookie to make! I have a long list of desserts to make now and I can’t wait to get started! For my party tonight, I ended up making peanut butter cookies and to spice them up a bit, I added chocolate chips to half of the dough! Can’t wait to dig in!

I also had a little helper too who just kept making eyes at me!