Goodbye 2014!

Currently there are less than 30 minutes until New Year’s Day here in Arizona, and I am so excited! I am sitting next to my husband, and pups, soaking in the last few minutes of 2014. I am looking forward to a new year and all the experiences it will bring with it! There may be difficult times, but I know they will make me stronger. This year has brought me so far on my anxiety journey, and it’s hard to image that I could be taken even further, but I am ready for it!!

I hope you have an amazing New Year’s!

Back in Arizona

I have finally made it back to Arizona after 8 or so hours traveling!! It was bitter sweet leaving my family, but I knew my husband was waiting for me. So my emotions were conflicted. It’s hard saying goodbye.

I am proud of myself for handling my anxiety while my flight experienced turbulence! I have to admit: I was terrified! We shook up and down and even sideways! Oh my goodness! I felt like I was the only one stressed, but I only felt stressed out, not overly anxious. My heart jumped up to my throat for awhile, but no panic attack followed! I am grateful for that becauseI definitely wouldn’t want to have one in front of so many people. Whenever the plane rocked around I just tried to refocus my thoughts, stayed positive, and prayed A LOT! LOL!

I am happy to be back home and in the arms of my husband! I missed him
So much over the last nine days, and it feels so wonderful to be next to him again! I had a fantastic time With my parents and brother and I can’t wait until I get to see them again!

The Holiday

Whenever I watch the Holiday, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, I always feel so romantic and festive! It is such an incredible movie! My mother has NEVER seen it, so I quickly changed that, and we are watching it now!

I highly recommend it!

I love my mom!

This evening my family and I have been watching Christmas movies, after we had spent the day shopping! I have missed spending quality time with them and it just feels so good to be back here! I feel so blessed to have a close knit family and we continue the traditions we started when we were kids! For the past 29 years my parents have given us pjs on Christmas Eve so we could have nice pictures on Christmas morning. So, today mom and I bought those pjs for everyone so we could continue the tradition!

It is utterly surreal to be back home because it feels as if I have never left. The feelings of stress and worriedness have bee replaced with relaxation and contentment. I adore being with my family and am looking forward to the next few days with them! I hope they go by slowly!