My loves!

Ok, I feel like this is ridiculously corny, but when I saw my 11 month old daughter fell asleep resting on my husband’s leg, I honestly teared up! I just felt completely overtaken by love. I felt the only way to express it was with tears. None fell though. My eyes just Welled up. But it was such a touching moment! Don’t laugh! ❤️ I’m emotional!

Continuing to Work

We are almost done with our garage remodel and it is really starting to come together! Today I was pretty grumpy while my husband and I were working (since we are now on day 5) and I was feeling like all of the work hasn’t been worth it. However, by the time we were finished for the night, I was able to step back and admire the work we have done together and see how great it is all looking! So I really am glad we have put in all the work because we do make a pretty good little team! 

When we started, there was only drywall, and a few shelves. We textured, painted, and installed trim and cabinets! 


Celebrating Turning the Dirty 3o

Today has been wonderful because my parent flew into town for my birthday and we have just been enjoying out time together! We watched the Walking Dead, went to dinner and just chatted. I miss living closer than 1900 miles apart, and it always is fantastic when I am around them. 

My birthday was fantastic because not only did my parents show up, but my husband and students spoiled me! My husband got me a huge paint set and many of my students got me little gifts and made me posters telling me how much they love me! It made all the hard work I have been putting into my job completely worth it! 

I have to say that so far…30 is pretty fantastic! 




I just want to brag a little

I want to brag a little about my wonderful my husband! This past week we have spent every moment together (literally, since we have been on Spring Break) and it has been fantastic! For the last several months, our lives have been hectic and chaotic and the last thing that always seemed to be attended to was our relationship. It just seemed like everything else got in the way. However, this week we have made it a point to do nothing else but bonding! We have crafted together, watched hours of Netflix together, cooked together, and laughed hysterically together! I am finding myself falling deeper in love and and feeling like a teenager lost in romance! It has been a fantastic week! 

2 year Anniversary!

Today marks my 2 year wedding anniversary! It’s almost impossible to believe that it has been two years! I have no idea how that happened! These past 24 months have been wonderful! It hasn’t all be rainbows and butterflies, but it has been honest and real. Each struggle we have encountered, we have grown stronger and closer together!

Happy Anniversary!

Back in Arizona

I have finally made it back to Arizona after 8 or so hours traveling!! It was bitter sweet leaving my family, but I knew my husband was waiting for me. So my emotions were conflicted. It’s hard saying goodbye.

I am proud of myself for handling my anxiety while my flight experienced turbulence! I have to admit: I was terrified! We shook up and down and even sideways! Oh my goodness! I felt like I was the only one stressed, but I only felt stressed out, not overly anxious. My heart jumped up to my throat for awhile, but no panic attack followed! I am grateful for that becauseI definitely wouldn’t want to have one in front of so many people. Whenever the plane rocked around I just tried to refocus my thoughts, stayed positive, and prayed A LOT! LOL!

I am happy to be back home and in the arms of my husband! I missed him
So much over the last nine days, and it feels so wonderful to be next to him again! I had a fantastic time With my parents and brother and I can’t wait until I get to see them again!