Anxiety hasn’t visited me in awhile

I have realized that I have gone a long stretch of time without being bother by my pesky friend, anxiety! I had a mild bout with her about a week ago but nothing much before that and none since I have been on vacation at my parents house! It feels liberating to be able to go days, almost weeks without it! I am loving the freedom of living in the moment and absorbing the joy and emotions of the atmosphere. With my anxiety, I had no room for any other feeling. Now there is plenty of room to experience an array of emotions I haven’t felt in a long time!

Just in time for Christmas!

ADHD and Me!

ADHD makes me, me!
It fills my brain with creativity,
But also sparks off my anxiety.
My impulsiveness gives me words of great hilarity,
And I’m pretty sure it can annoy my family!
I always tried hard in school but teachers told me I was lazy,
And those comments always made me the most crazy!
Even though not everyone understands ADHD,
Someday the world will know and we will stand united as a great big WE!

Anxiety! You have nothing on me!

Anxiety! You have nothing on me!
You may follow me everywhere I go,
But I am the one who controls you!

There may be moments where your cold grip wrenches onto my chest,
But I can get rid of you!

I am no longer afraid of you.
Bring it!


Anxiety takes hold,

But it won’t make my heart cold.

My spiritĀ is full of hope,

And I will learn the best ways to cope.

I will not dwell on the present or past,

Because the future is coming fast.

These anxieties will not control me,

My heart was created to be free!