OH.MY.GOSH! I did it, guys! I FINALLY wrote a story! I wrote it from start to finish! I didn’t over think it, I didn’t over plan. I just wrote. I can’t believe it. I have been dreaming about writing a story for more than 25 years, and I FINALLY did it!

All of these years I have been thinking that I wanted to write YA stories, which I still do. However, since having a child, my eyes have been open to the world of children’s books. I had always had the idea in the back of my head, but never pursued it. My father ALWAYS told me I should, and I never thought much about it. Until now!

Since my daughter has taken such an interested in books, I wanted to use my talent for writing to bond together. I wanted to write something parents could enjoy while reading to their children. I wanted to share the joy of words with parents and children everywhere! There is no better feeling than having your child snuggle up against you and ask for you to read a book! And what better book to read than one I wrote! HA!

I am so proud of myself, and over the moon with excitement! I am not sure where this journey will lead, but I’m excited to see where God takes this!

Thank you everyone for your support as I have vented in the past! I came close to giving up my dream of being a writer, but you all encouraged me to keep going. And for that I am eternally grateful!


Christmas to Me

Christmas to me has always been about two things: Jesus Christ, and my family.

Each year at this time, I take time to reflect on why Christ was born, and the true meaning behind his miraculous birth. I am reminded that   He came here to create relationships with us. To build a bridge to cover the distance between holiness and humanity, and the way we cross that bridge is by choosing to enter into a relationship with Him. It is not at all about the things we do. It is purely about the love He gives freely. We celebrate His birth because He saved us in spite of ourselves.

I find the fact that Jesus loves me in spite of me to be incredibly comforting, especially in light of my anxiety disorder. It is often hard to imagine Jesus loving me when my mind and spirit are often filled with anxiety and fear. Many times for unknown reasons. However, who better to understand fear and anxiety than Jesus? He willingly went to the cross to die, and he was able to push through the incredible anxiety and fear that he was experiencing, and face death, to ensure we would spend eternity at his side. That to me is mind blowing! I can barely push through my anxiety when sitting in the middle of a movie theater row, let alone face death! We are so lucky to serve such an amazing God.

The second thing that comes to mind during the Christmas season, for me, is family. There is nothing more important to me than family. My family and I are incredibly close and we have so many traditions that we carry out every year. My mother makes cinnamon rolls that we have on Christmas morning. We exchange pajamas on Christmas Eve so we will look cute in our Christmas morning photos. We attend Christmas Eve Service together and watch loads of Christmas movies. It is an incredibly joyous time in our home(s) during this time of year. I feel so lucky because as I grow older, and work with more and more students of dysfunctional homes, I realize that not everyone is happy during this time of year. Not everyone has good memories of the holidays. The more these facts hit closer to my heart, I am more and more grateful for the life God has blessed me with.

Today, I fell even deeper in love with  my family, because I happened to come across an old children’s book my mother use to read to us around this time of year (the Polar Express), and she read it to us! Let me remind you that I am 30 years old and my brother is 26. My mom, dad, brother and myself all squeezed into my parents bed (a king size thankfully) while she read it to us. There was lots of laughing and flashbacks to our childhood, but it truly was one of the most magical family moments we have ever had. I hope that I am able to give this type of happiness and togetherness to my children in the future.

As Christmas Day comes, I think we all need to remember the true reasons why we celebrate this holiday. It is easy to loose sight of its meaning when we are constantly bombarded with consumerism and selfishness. Take time to reflect on your blessings and give hugs to all those whom you love.

Merry Christmas.


My family

I have to admit, my family is pretty fantastic!  We had a very fun day  going to church and making a nice meal. I also got to meet my brother’s girlfriend, which I was nervous about! He hasn’t brought a girl home in 4 or 5 years, so this was a big deal! She was sweet and cute and I adored her! YAY! 


Continued family time

Today we met up with my brother in the city and enjoyed a rainy day in Columbus! We went out to eat in a restaurant that specializes in buffalo meat, and it was delicious! I have never had buffalo before, so it was a religious experience! 😀

After we had dinner we FINALLY got to see Jurassic World! WOW, is all I can say! I honestly felt like I was a kid again, seeing new and terrifying monsters all over again. I love loosing myself in a great movie! It made it even sweeter to be able to enjoy it with my entire family! 



i have really enjoyed exploring my new found hobby: painting! I had my second painting lesson today and I had a fantastic time! I am really learning a lot about colors and how they mix together. 

The best part about it is that while I’m lost in my artwork, I forget about everything! No anxiety, no stress and no obsessive thoughts! It is such a relief to find such a natural remedy to anxiety! Creativity heals! What an amazing concept! I can’t wait to learn more and find out what I can do! 


Celebrating Turning the Dirty 3o

Today has been wonderful because my parent flew into town for my birthday and we have just been enjoying out time together! We watched the Walking Dead, went to dinner and just chatted. I miss living closer than 1900 miles apart, and it always is fantastic when I am around them. 

My birthday was fantastic because not only did my parents show up, but my husband and students spoiled me! My husband got me a huge paint set and many of my students got me little gifts and made me posters telling me how much they love me! It made all the hard work I have been putting into my job completely worth it! 

I have to say that so far…30 is pretty fantastic! 





My favorite time of year is here! Valentine’s Day, for me, always means BOOK SALE! Every year since my husband and I have been married we have gone to this annual book sale down in Phoenix, and it is always the highlight of my year! I would much rather smell the scent of old books than that of a dozen roses. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t like flowers. So honey if you are reading this, as a reminder: Daffodils are my favorite!