The Mountains Are My Sanctuary

This trip has been incredible! I started out with a mild amount of anxiety, and today, I have none! Being out in the woods and surrounded by nature, makes me feel at peace. I feel surrounded by God and his marvelous creation, and that makes me feel in awe. It feels wonderful to be anxiety free!

Today, the family and I are heading to Utah! We will be spending 4 days in Zion National Park, which we have never been too, before we head back home. I am looking forward to having more time experiencing nature and finding my peaceful balance.

Magical Summer Nights

I love to lose myself in the nostalgic feelings of a warm summer night. The crickets chirping in the bushes, and the light wind rustling through the leaves  reminds me of a time when I had no cares or responsibilities. When anything was possible and I wrote the rules. Summers were full of endless possibilities and infinite adventures. 

My life may not be as simple now, but summer nights will always be magical for me. It helps that I am a teacher because I have the entire summer off! That is pretty magical! 

Autumn floats

Autumn floats on the cool crisp breeze,

While leaves change colors and fall from the trees.

Birds chirp their melodic song of change,

As stores stock full with costumes of the weird and strange.

Shorts and tank tops are a thing of the past,

And we all start to dress in those hoodies at last!

Our favorite treat is the the latte called pumpkin spice,

When we taste the sweet mixture, oh it tastes so nice!

I cannot express how much I adore this time of year,

It makes me delighted to know that Autumn is finally here!

Rain in the desert!

It doesn’t often downpour here in the desert, but let me just say that it is today! At 5 am my husband shook me awake and told me to listen to drops pounding against our shingled roof. Living in Ohio for most of my life, rain was never a big deal. It happened pretty much daily. However, out here it is different. It doesn’t just drizzle, it POURS! It is like a water hose is turned on just over our town. The streets floss instantly and it can be dangerous to drive if you’re not careful. But I love watching it and taking it in the beauty of the rarity. Tomorrow there will be some crazy creatures that emerge from their hiding places, wake up from hibernation and it will be awesome to see!

Yay rain!


Glorious Days Spent in the Sun

Today I spent the afternoon soaking up some of the last remaining days of the summer sun. Soon the days are going to be shorter and the nights colder. As I floated in my pool I lost myself in the beauty of the nature that surrounded me. The sky was a perfect blue. The birds sang a happy song and the trees danced in the gentle breeze. I felt, in those moments, that the world was so much bigger than me. And to think that God loves me most, out of all the beauty He created around me, was astonishing. I felt zero anxiety during these moments of revelation and it was perfect. I love to have anxiety free moments where I am able to get out of my own mind and experience the life that is bustling forward around me. Of course, I had Tripod near by to help me have my epiphany.IMG_0080.JPG