I just want to brag a little

I want to brag a little about my wonderful my husband! This past week we have spent every moment together (literally, since we have been on Spring Break) and it has been fantastic! For the last several months, our lives have been hectic and chaotic and the last thing that always seemed to be attended to was our relationship. It just seemed like everything else got in the way. However, this week we have made it a point to do nothing else but bonding! We have crafted together, watched hours of Netflix together, cooked together, and laughed hysterically together! I am finding myself falling deeper in love and and feeling like a teenager lost in romance! It has been a fantastic week! 

My new Dead obsession 

Oh. My. Word. Why have I never watched the Walking Dead? I started watching it last night, and now I am obsessed! I have never been a zombie fan, however, a few months ago I read Warm Bodies, and fell in love with the genre. I was not sure if I could handle the guts and gore, but it has not been as bad as I imagined it to be. It has a fantastic plot and I am loving every moment! It has actually made me want to go to Georgia! 🙂  

Have an of you been bitten by the Walking Dead?!