Poor Little Dog

Yesterday my little chihuahua, Thor, somehow hurt his leg while he was running to go outside. It was heartbreaking because I had no idea how to help the little guy. He was screaming and wouldn’t stop until I picked him up. He cuddled into my arms and I felt so bad for him.

Today he is feeling a little better today and just resting. He can’t put a lot of weight on it, but he was able to jump up on the couch. Please send prayers his way. Thank you everyone!


Why little dog…why…?

Why little dog?

Why must you bring dead things into the house?

Why little dog?

Why must you eat that stiff, tiny mouse?

Why little dog?

Why must you eat your poo like a treat?

Why little dog?

Why does eating food prove to be such a difficult feat?

Why little dog?

Why must you find the clean carpet to let out your spew?

Why little dog?

Why I can’t I stay mad at you?

Why little dog?

Because I LOVE YOU!



Dog Noses

Cool little noses,
Smell my toeses,
As I lay softly in bed.

Their quick little sniffs,
And lumbering whiffs,
Tickle gently next to my head.

Goodnight little dogs,
Try not to be a bed hog,
Dream of treats you will soon be fed.