Starting up my own business!

Sorry I have been absent for a few days, but things have been a little crazy! This last week I decided to begin my own little photography business! I have wanted to for years, but it never seemed right. However, this Christmas I received a new MacBook Pro (yay!!) and Photoshop, and more people have been asking for my photography services, so I decided to go forward do it!

It is incredibly exciting!! However, I do feel slightly exposed, because what if people see my work and think it sucks? Or no one ever sets up any appointments, and it goes nowhere..? I didn’t expect to feel as if I was standing naked in front of everyone! I am proud of my work, but putting it out there as a profession is intimidating!

So far everyone has been incredibly supportive and kind about everything! It’s been kinda wild, to be honest! But I am looking forward to seeing where this all leads!

Here are a few of my most recent shots.

The world is bigger than your anxiety

Even though I have a little anxiety today, I am trying to realize that the world is bigger than I am. Beauty is still taking place right in front of me, and if I spend my time locked away because of my fears, I will miss out. Remember this: don’t miss out on the beauty of life just because you’re afraid. Enjoy your life in spite of anxiety. 
I am enjoying the view from my front porch!