Pregnancy TMI Help

Ok, this is going to be some serious TMI, but I need some advice and help! Desperately! For the last several weeks I have been having episodes of super loose stool and diarrhea. It doesn’t last all day, but it is mostly after dinner. It is really uncomfortable and even makes me nauseous. My dr told me that it is due to my anxiety, and we have upped my medication a little bit and it has helped. However, it still lingers around several times a week.

Have any of you experienced this? And if you have, how did you deal with it?

A New Anxiety

Since I have been pregnant, I have not experienced any of my normal anxiety symptoms. However, upon deeper self reflection, and some conversations with family, I have realized that my anxiety has shifted into constant thoughts of vomiting.

Let me say here that before I got pregnant, I always had an extreme hatred of throwing up. I had a slight anxiety of getting sick in public, although I’m not sure why, because it has never happened.

Fast forward nearly 5 months, and I have been throwing up A LOT! Morning sickness does not just occur during the morning. As a result of this sickness, I have begun to have ruminations about getting sick in public or when out to eat, since I have gotten sick several times while eating at home. I have noticed that I spend A LOT of my day thinking and fearing getting sick outside of my home. I have several trips over the next few weeks (vacation and work trainings) and for the last several weeks I have been stressed out about them. I am afraid to drive in the car, eat at a restaurant, stay in a hotel, and the list goes on. These constant thoughts cycle around in my head any time I have a quiet moment.

God brought to my attention that these constant ruminations were stealing my peace and joy. I have been avoiding socializing or traveling because of the fear of getting/feeling sick. I have desperately wanted to enjoy being pregnant but these thoughts have been getting in my way.

So, today I decided that I am going to renew my mind. I spent a lot of the morning in prayer and began to combat the thoughts that have been taking over. Every time I had a thought about feeling or getting sick, I would say “No, I am fine” or “So what, there is a trashcan over there”. I kept saying positive things to myself instead of negative. I am beginning to feel my mind lighten slightly and the idea of travel doesn’t seem so scary.

With my anxiety, in the past, I have been in a place where I didn’t want to leave the house, and I promised myself I would never get there again. I will not allow these thoughts to control me, or take away the joy of this pregnancy any longer. God has given me this child, and yes I may be getting sick at times, but I will no longer allow that to keep me from experiencing peace. I am taking back control of my mind.

Wonderful News!

As of yesterday, my husband and I are pregnant!

Over the last several months, I have been posting a lot about trying to get pregnant, and my struggles with anxiety regarding the issue. I will admit that, even though we have been trying, it was still incredibly surreal to find our test positive!

We are over the moon with excitement mixed with a healthy does of fear, BUT zero anxiety!!