Snow in Arizona?

Good Mid-Morning to you!

The mountain dwelling Arizonans, such as myself, are all waiting in anticipation because we are currently under a Winter Weather Warning! Starting tonight, it is suppose to start snowing between 4-8 inches! In the past three years that I have lived in this beautiful state I have not even seen it snow 1 inch! So, I am anxiously (not the bad kind) awaiting the arrival of the snow!

Coming from a state that regularly sees snowfall, I LOVE snow! I am looking forward to being transported back to the days of my youth as I watch the snowflakes dance towards the ground! I’ll keep you updated on the snowfall and let you know if we are snowed in! 🙂

The Holiday

Whenever I watch the Holiday, with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz, I always feel so romantic and festive! It is such an incredible movie! My mother has NEVER seen it, so I quickly changed that, and we are watching it now!

I highly recommend it!