Technology: the Double Edged Sword

Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Taken by the horns and challenged. We cannot let it pass us by as we watch contently from the safety of our couches. We must rise up and take back the adventure. We need to put down our phones, computers, tablets, or whatever else distracts us from living passionately.

Does anyone else find it heart wrenching that there have to be commercials to tell children to go outside and play? My mother made my brother and and I stay outside until the twinkling of the first star could be seen in the sky. We weren’t allowed to play video games for more than a couple hours, so we had to use our imagination to entertain ourselves. I thank my mother and father for making us have to find ways to be entertained. I owe my creativity to them.

Since my husband and I are considering starting a family soon, I worry about what kind of life my children will lead if technology continues to be the main form of entertainment. Yes, I admit that I am addicted to my phone and laptop, hence writing a blog about putting down technology from the comfort of my own technology. But honestly, I don’t want my child to have to have a screen in front of them to be able to have fun. I desire for them to experience life in real time. To touch things. See wonders. Smell the fresh scent of clean air. These are not things they can experiences virtually. They must be lived.

I am going to try to be more conscious about how much time I am devoting to my technology. I do not want to watch videos of others living their adventures. I want to be out living my own.

Falling Skies!!

My husband and I are going to start a new television series: Falling Skies. It was recommended it to us on Amazon Prime because we had watched Under the Dome. Over the past few months, I have been really into Science Fiction! I think it is in the blood because my father is a huge Sci-Fi fan, and now I got a taste of it, I can’t get enough!

I am looking forward to seeing how it turns out and if we like it or not. 🙂


Snow in Arizona?

Good Mid-Morning to you!

The mountain dwelling Arizonans, such as myself, are all waiting in anticipation because we are currently under a Winter Weather Warning! Starting tonight, it is suppose to start snowing between 4-8 inches! In the past three years that I have lived in this beautiful state I have not even seen it snow 1 inch! So, I am anxiously (not the bad kind) awaiting the arrival of the snow!

Coming from a state that regularly sees snowfall, I LOVE snow! I am looking forward to being transported back to the days of my youth as I watch the snowflakes dance towards the ground! I’ll keep you updated on the snowfall and let you know if we are snowed in! 🙂

A little anxious today

My policy has always been to be open about my struggles, so I must admit I have struggled a bit today with anxiety. Tomorrow I am going out of town (6 hours away) for a work training for the next 2 1/2 days. This training has gone on once a month since the beginning of the school year, however, this excursion is different from the rest. This time we are traveling MUCH further, and the team members are different. Two of the team members are not going along (one was my husband and the other was one of my best friends) so we have some other teachers subbing in for the other two. These changes make me very anxious! This fact is very annoying, but it’s the truth. I felt comfortable traveling when my husband, obviously, since he is my support system, and now that he is gone I feel uneasy.

I am just struggling to get my head in the right place for this trip. I keep telling myself that it will be ok, but my fears still come up. I know it will all be alright, but until it gets started and I settle in I think I am going to be a bit freaked out.

Thank you for listening to me vent! I appreciated it! Love you all!!

My healing has paid off

This vacation with my husband is the first time we have gone away just the two of us since I started taking my medication. We did not have any planned places to visit and we just drove around and stopped where we stopped randomly. Normally this would have produced intense anxiety but not this time! I am feeling like myself and just as adventurous as ever !

Today we are going to a pumpkin patch, and I am so excited! I haven’t been to one in years!

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Adventures with my husband

My husband and I have been on a little mini vacation and it has been wonderful! Our lives get to be so busy that it is difficult to find time to just have fun together. It seems like we have put all of our energy into all of our responsibilities and we are so exhausted by the end of the day that we have no energy left for each other. It feels so good to be away from
Everything and just enjoy one another!







Life is meant to be Lived!

There have been times in my past where I hid away from the world. Buried myself deep inside my blankets and imagined myself in another life. A life that was anxiety free. Where I was able to conquer the world and be a hero in everyone’s eyes. I lived my life through characters on a page or on the television. I honestly thought love and adventure was true for everyone but me. Everyone else was destined for something great, but I was only destined to be full of fear. I did not think I deserved to be happy, and I am not sure where this thinking derived.

As I have grown older, I realize that life is not meant to be watched from the sidelines. It is meant to be grabbed by the horns and roped and bent to your will. Everyday we are alive is another chance to make something great happen. To find beauty in the unexpected. Experience transformation of the soul that is triggered by jumping head first into adventure. I know now that this applies to me. I was not created to be a creature of fear and dread. I may have anxiety, but I am NOT anxiety. This disorder does not mean that I am a less worthy human being, it only means that I am human like everyone else. All people struggle with something dark and are afraid to expose it for fear of rejection, but we cannot continue to miss incredible life moments because we are afraid of our weaknesses! We must break down our walls and show our true selves, good and bad, and watch the world around is transform into a more accepting and loving place.

Do not love your life in fear of your own weakness. Do not let it hold you back from the destiny you were created for. Take a risk. Be stronger than your fear. Overcome.

WOW! I am humbled and beyond excited! 200 Followers!

I know I say this all the time, but I am so thankful for all of you who follow me and those who come and visit. I never thought I would have this many people interested in my story. It is wonderful to have your support and courage to share your own personal stories! You all have truly blessed me and I have learned so much since I have been a WordPresser! I am beyond grateful!

Thank you!

Arizona is Beautiful!

I want to brag about my state! I must honestly say that out of all the places I have been inside the United States, Arizona is one of the most unique and beautiful places I have ever seen. There are so many different micro-climates it is pretty unbelievable. The town I live in, I can go 10 minutes up into the mountain and experience a completely different climate. It will be snowing up in the mountains, maybe a few feet, and down were we live, there is no snow. It’s crazy, and I love it. Anytime you travel somewhere within the state it is always a new adventure. I think you should all plan a visit. If you have never been out West, it will be like nothing you have been before! 🙂 Here are a few of our pictures from our adventures around the state. 

Enjoy the virtual field trip to AZ! 

IMG_2808 IMG_0485  IMG_0132 IMG_1040 IMG_1103 IMG_1568 IMG_0195 IMG_0228 IMG_0249 IMGP7204 IMGP7210 IMG_3385 IMG_3480 IMG_5035 IMG_5203