Back in Arizona

I have finally made it back to Arizona after 8 or so hours traveling!! It was bitter sweet leaving my family, but I knew my husband was waiting for me. So my emotions were conflicted. It’s hard saying goodbye.

I am proud of myself for handling my anxiety while my flight experienced turbulence! I have to admit: I was terrified! We shook up and down and even sideways! Oh my goodness! I felt like I was the only one stressed, but I only felt stressed out, not overly anxious. My heart jumped up to my throat for awhile, but no panic attack followed! I am grateful for that becauseI definitely wouldn’t want to have one in front of so many people. Whenever the plane rocked around I just tried to refocus my thoughts, stayed positive, and prayed A LOT! LOL!

I am happy to be back home and in the arms of my husband! I missed him
So much over the last nine days, and it feels so wonderful to be next to him again! I had a fantastic time With my parents and brother and I can’t wait until I get to see them again!