Day 1

Day 1 of no anxiety medication. Feeling good! I’m not sure where this accidental cold turkey is going to lead, but I interested to find out.

To fill you in, I was unable to get a refill on my prescription on Friday,so I have to wait until Monday afternoon. I had been very anxious about my anxiety meds (ironically) because I hadn’t been off them in a year. I take only 20 mg so the effects, if any, should be minimal. However, today has been good and I haven’t been feeling much of anything. 

I hope that it goes well because I would like to get off it in the next few months before I get pregnant. It makes me nervous, but I think choosing to be off the medication will be healthiest for our future baby. 

I will keep you updated on my progress as the weekend continues! Thanks for all the prayers and well wishes! 


While, overall, I have been having a mostly anxiety free week, I have been experiencing low levels of anxious undercurrent about starting up this new school year. 

The first three days of school are for us teachers to be trained on various changes and procedures and then the kids come Thursday. 

My anxiety has been circling around the trainings. I couldn’t figure out why until tonight. My first year teaching I ended up having a slight panic attack during the staff meeting. I clearly remember having all 30 some staff members sitting in a circle with our principal talking about procedures. I vividly remember getting very hot and then my stomach feeling like it was going to dispel my breakfast. I spent nearly 20 minutes in the bathroom trying to calm down.

This experience was 4 years ago, and nothing like that has happened again, but obviously the feeling of apprehension still lingers. However, this time around I will have my husband on the administration staff so I will be able to have his presence as a comfort in case I were to experience an attack. 

I am going to stay positive and remember the great things that are going on this year! Anxiety is not invited! 

Finally! No anxiety

Since I have been keeping you up on the anxiety battle this week, I have finally pushed past it! When I woke up this morning I had a crushing sense of anxiety and it incredibly frustrating. All I wanted to do was stay curled up in bed and remain there for the rest of the morning. However, I knew I needed to continue onward with my day and make sure the anxiety wouldn’t control me. I decided, with the encouragement of my husband, to work out and see if that would help take away the tightness in my chest. I worked out for a while and began to feel that anxiety lift away. I then had a hair appointment, which I love, and I was able to just have girl talk and enjoy being pampered. I am now anxiety free once again! It has been such a long week of battling this anxious feeling. I am so happy I am finally back on the other side of the hill. 🙂