Slowing Down

After this stressful, yet fantastic, first week of back to school with my students, I decided that it was time to slow it down. All week I felt rushed and stressed so I knew I needed some down time. I slept until 8, took a nap, and went driving around town with my husband. I didn’t feel any anxiety and it was wonderful! This school year I want to make sure that I don’t miss out on relaxing and taking time for me. 🙂


Love in the dark places

I truly believe that those who are difficult to love, are the ones who need it the most. I have been trying to keep my eyes open to those who seem to be difficult. I mostly focus on my students and remember when they give me attitude and are undeniably difficult, I remember that there must be something more going on in their life. I remember when someone saw through my tough exterior and knew I needed love. large

First Day

Today was my first day with the students in my classes. I have two groups of kids: a 7th grade class and an 8th grade one. Both classes have wonderful students in them, and they were very positive today. Every student I talked with was excited to be there and looking forward to a new year that was full of learning. I love that they were so into the whole experience!

I had been experiencing some anxiety leading up to the day, just because I am never good with the unknown, and I feel nervous about starting fresh. However, in hindsight, I feel like I didn’t need to worry. I had everything planned and set up for when the students came in. Even during times when we finished assignments early, I was able to quickly move into another activity and the students went well with the changes. Once the day kicked off I didn’t have any anxiety. However, if you would have looked at my anxiety yesterday, it would have been off the charts! I am so glad that it is all gone now and things are looking positive! 🙂

I hope all of you had a good day, and if you didn’t I hope you remember never to give up and to keep pushing onward.

I know what it is like

i know what it is like to feel utterly helpless. Lost. Out of control. Panicked. As if the world is passing by in a blur, and no matter how loud you cry out, no one hears you. You just want the pain to stop. To leave so you can feel normal again. Like the person you know you really are. In those darkest moments you wish you weren’t around. You would trade anything just to be someone else so you won’t feel the pain anymore. I know. I have been there.

Let me tell you: it gets better. Don’t be ashamed of what is going on, because you are not alone. Reach out and tell someone. I did, and now I can go an entire day, or even week, anxiety free! You can do it too. Just don’t give up. 

30 and still going to School

Well! I have to say, I am in the right profession because I LOVE back to school season! I have been putting binders together for my classes and Pinteresting up a storm! I think it is really going to be a fantastic year! 🙂

My anxiety is in check and I am feeling very healthy! I know that with this new position I am going to have a period of adjustment, but I am going to stay positive and remember that I am in a career that I love! Anxiety will NOT take this year!

Panic Attack, how I love thee 

it has been almost exactly a year since my last panic attack (YAY)! On this very momentous occasion I have been thinking about how I handled my attacks when they came on. How did I cope with them when they happened to strike while I was in public? What did I do before I knew what they were?! From my experience I found the best way to deal with them is to just ride them out. To normalize them and remind myself that I’m not dying. 

These questions have been circling around my minds the last few days and I thought I would throw it out to all of you! How do YOU handle an attack? What are your coping skills?