Redfored movement in Arizona

Things have been pretty intense here in Arizona in regards to education! We just ended day two of our strike, and it feels amazing to be apart of something so monumental and historic. We want the best for our students, and right now they aren’t getting it. The educational funding in AZ is pathetic, and it’s awful because the kids are the ones who are loosing out. We are all standing together to ensure our kids get what they deserve!

Over the last few weeks I have been apart of two demonstrations, and each time I feel so full of energy. It’s exciting to rally and come together as a community. Most of the responses in town are positive. Whenever there is negativity, we make sure we respond positively because, in the end, we are setting examples for our students.

My daughter was even able to come to both rallies! Yay! I love that when she is older, she will be able to say she took part in this historical moment.

I broke through my Roadblock!

When my anxiety is running high, I find it very difficult to drive. For whatever reason, I become terrified of the various obstacles that operating a vehicle requires. Traffic seems overwhelming. Stoplights daunting. So I just avoid it all together by having an unspoken agreement during those times that my husband will take the lead.

Last year, when my anxiety was the worst it had been in years, I went months without getting behind the wheel. I remember one time, the mere thought of getting in the drivers seat actually set off a panic attack. That was the start of my realization that something was wrong and I needed to get help. My eyes were beginning to see that I was in over my head.

Fast forward eight months later… For those of you have not read any of my previous postings, I finally went to see my doctor and was given a very low dosage of medication to help curb the side effects of my anxiety. I also began to practice yoga, blog daily, and create a support system of close friends and family. All of these strategies have helped me exponentially over the last several months!

NOW! To the Roadblock!

A group of teachers and I had a training down in Phoenix, Arizona and I decided that I WANTED to drive everyone! I just had it in my head that I wanted to take the leap and take the wheel! I am so glad I went with my gut, because it felt so empowering! The car I drove wasn’t even my own car, yet I still felt compelled to drive. I am not sure if you have ever been to Arizona, but the roads are not flat, or straight, by any means. We had to descend through the mountains by a few thousand feet, so I had to maneuver around curves, up hills and down slopes. The incredible part about this experience is that I never ONCE had an ounce of anxiety. Never Once. I can honestly tell you that I never imagined that I would be able to say that. It was a huge stepping stone in my healing process to be able to confident enough to drive.

I wanted to share this with you guys because I am so excited, and I know you will all appreciate how monumental this was!! 🙂

Snow in Arizona?

Good Mid-Morning to you!

The mountain dwelling Arizonans, such as myself, are all waiting in anticipation because we are currently under a Winter Weather Warning! Starting tonight, it is suppose to start snowing between 4-8 inches! In the past three years that I have lived in this beautiful state I have not even seen it snow 1 inch! So, I am anxiously (not the bad kind) awaiting the arrival of the snow!

Coming from a state that regularly sees snowfall, I LOVE snow! I am looking forward to being transported back to the days of my youth as I watch the snowflakes dance towards the ground! I’ll keep you updated on the snowfall and let you know if we are snowed in! 🙂

Stress !

Ahh! Christmas is way more stressful as an adult! When I was a kid I never worried about how much money various presents cost, travel arrangements, balancing a busy job or organizing the house! Goodness! Being an adult is tiring!

I am getting ready to go back and visit my family so I have been trying to gather everything up and make sure I don’t leave anything! Ohio is a long way away from Arizona! I am really looking forward to it though! I haven’t been in Ohio for Christmas since 2011. I can hardly wait

I hope you guys aren’t as stressed as I am! 😄 I must admit I am happy to be stressed because all the things I am balancing are true blessings in my life!

My very first Podcast!

Last night I created my very first podcast! Since you all have been so wonderful and have supported me as I have opened up about my anxiety. On my podcast I go deeper into explaining what anxiety is and how I have coped. Also, you will get to hear my voice, which I’m sure you have been dying to hear! LOL! As always, I insert my own humor and quirky jokes! Check it out!

My Podcast

Rain in the desert!

It doesn’t often downpour here in the desert, but let me just say that it is today! At 5 am my husband shook me awake and told me to listen to drops pounding against our shingled roof. Living in Ohio for most of my life, rain was never a big deal. It happened pretty much daily. However, out here it is different. It doesn’t just drizzle, it POURS! It is like a water hose is turned on just over our town. The streets floss instantly and it can be dangerous to drive if you’re not careful. But I love watching it and taking it in the beauty of the rarity. Tomorrow there will be some crazy creatures that emerge from their hiding places, wake up from hibernation and it will be awesome to see!

Yay rain!