Fantastic day!

Learning how to paint was really fun today!! I was at my instructor’s/co-worker’s house for several house while she explained art theories and paint colors. Since I normally draw with only pencil, painting is an entirely new medium. She had me create a project that dropped paint down the edge of the canvas from the top, and then the side, to make a grid. The squares that were formed the  had to be painted in various shades of the same type of colors. However, the same colors could not be next to each other. What I came up with is a little rough still, but in progress! Check it out! 



And Ode to Tiredness

At this moment, I feel so irrefutably tired,

My muscles have shut down, but my brain is still wired!

Memories flash by from today back to the day I was born, 

And replay until they are monotonous and worn. 

So I decide to make good use of my time,

And write a corny little poem that will rhyme!