Arizona Autumn

Arizona Autumn unlike any other,
Because we finally say goodbye to 100 degree heat!
Goodbye to shorts and tank tops,
And hello jeans, hoodies and socks to cover my feet!

Arizona Autumn is unlike any other,
Because we still wear sunscreen on those long days outside.
Time to ride quads, dirt bikes and dune buggies,
And enjoy the beauty of the state I will always reside.

Autumn floats

Autumn floats on the cool crisp breeze,

While leaves change colors and fall from the trees.

Birds chirp their melodic song of change,

As stores stock full with costumes of the weird and strange.

Shorts and tank tops are a thing of the past,

And we all start to dress in those hoodies at last!

Our favorite treat is the the latte called pumpkin spice,

When we taste the sweet mixture, oh it tastes so nice!

I cannot express how much I adore this time of year,

It makes me delighted to know that Autumn is finally here!

September is Here and Autumn is Near!

September is one of my all time favorite months. I remember as a child, I would look forward to the Fall because the leaves would turn from fading green to brilliant oranges, yellows and reds. It was a time of transformation and beauty. It meant cooler weather, denim jeans, and cozy hoodies! Things are different in the desert, but there is relief from
The constant heat and the evenings are chilly and refreshing. I am giddy with anticipation for the time I can wear my fall attire and snuggle beneath the blanks by the campfire!

Happy September 1st, and Labor Day!