Find Beauty in the Ashes – A Challenge!

With so many negative things floating around in this world, today I wanted to pose a challenge that would help us focus on the beauty of life. Today I challenge you to find something beautiful, and just take it in. Reflect on it for what it is and reflect on how it makes this world a better place. It can be ANYTHING! A child playing with their mom. A flower growing between sidewalk cracks. The sun lighting up the sky in brilliant pinks and oranges as it sinks down beyond the horizon.

Beauty can be found in anything!

Feelings of Joy

Being back in the place where I grew up, I have been experiencing feelings of nostalgia as I look at  enjoy the decorations, wrap gifts and watch our favorite family Christmas movies. I am reminded how wonderful my childhood was, and how much love the four of us shared together through the years. I am so blessed to have a family that is exceptionally supportive and loving. It has been an amazing journey to come back home for Christmas and be able to enjoy time with my family WITHOUT anxiety! It is freeing to be able to feel joy spread through all of me, without the hinderance of my disorder. I feel so much deeper and love even stronger!

I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! If this is a difficult time for you, reach out to those who are closest to you and and let them know. Love is stronger then you may think, and it will bring healing. Christmas symbolizes the birth of our salvation and with that, the security of peace amongst the chaos.

Don’t be ashamed!

Never be ashamed of yourself! You are perfect! Your quirks and idiosyncrasies make you who you are. There is no one in this world who does you better than you! Don’t try to be like someone else because you think they have it better. The grass is not always greener on the other side, they may just be using food coloring in their water 🙂

Remember, your imperfections make you perfect!

Small Moments Add Up To A Huge Life

With the weather changing here in Arizona, it feels as if new life is springing out of the ground. Everything looks so green (by desert standards) and there are various types of animals running around that I haven’t seen in awhile (including a scorpion AHH there is a picture at the bottom for you to enjoy lol). Today, my husband and I drove around doing our errands with the windows down and the wind whipping our hair out in every direction. I felt incredibly at peace. Relaxed and carefree. Just riding around in the car beside the man I love seemed to fill me completely with joy. As I snuggled my dogs after they came home from the groomers, smelling like warm cookies, I couldn’t help but allow an enormous grin to crack across my face. There were times during my life where I never thought I could experience peace or complete happiness. Anxiety was all I could feel. Since it was so overpowering there was no room in my brain for anything else. My journey to a healthier mind and spirit has reminded me not to take these small moments for granted. To take time during a busy to just talk with one of my students about something other than school. To quiet my mind and listen only to the sweet, delicate chirps of the birds hidden behind the cacti in my backyard. I have learned through my 29 years of life that life is not about being perfect all the time. It is about never giving up, even when it seems impossible. Had I ever given up and allowed myself to be controlled by anxiety I would never be able to enjoy these simple moments.

Life is beautiful.


OH! And here is the nasty scorpion we found the other day having a good ol’ time on our back porch! I don’t think so!

AHHH! I hate these!

AHHH! I hate these!