What are your blessings?

There are times in life when our minds become over saturated with negative thoughts and attitudes, and finding anything positive in our situation seems impossible! Foolish even. However, if you look closely, you can find it. The small, dim light radiating a flicker of heat on your otherwise chilled spirit. Examine the world around you to discover these hidden blessings that we often overlook. 

Last week this lesson applied directly to me. My attitude was sour and my anxiety was high. Never a good combination! I could not see any blessings in my life. However, there was a moment when I was laying on the floor after a workout, just feeling sorry for myself, when one of my dogs came up to me and pressed herself lovingly against me in a doggy hug. It touched my heart and reminded me that I have people (and even canines) that love me, and there is no greater blessing than that. 

I challenge you to find just 1 blessing in your day. When you find yourself filled with negative thoughts, meditate on that blessing. Fight the negativity and darkness. Open your arms wide and soak in the light of positivity. 

Here is one of my three little furry blessings!