Choose your reaction

Today when you are experiencing a moment in your day that isn’t going according to plan, choose your reaction. Don’t allow anger or frustration, or sadness to win. Take a moment and choose to be at peace. Say, “Ok, God, this isn’t what I expected, but I will trust that it will be ok.” How much better will our day become if we treat all of our unexpected circumstances in this way?

This is my challenge to you. And myself.

You Influence those around you, whether you know it or not.

We may not be aware of it, but we influence people around us everyday. A smile could change someone’s day, and a critical comment could tear someone apart. We need to be aware of the ways we are influencing others. Each day we need to ask ourselves how we influence those around us. Are our actions pointing in positive directions, or in negative ones? I would like to say that I point to positivity, however, I know I have negative days, but on those days I need to have a heightened awareness of my actions so I do not lead others towards negativity.

I challenge you to be aware of the ways you influence those around you. If there is anyway you are leading in a direction you do not want to, change it. Make the changes now in preparation for a positive future.

Show Love by putting down your Phone

This time of year, Valentine’s, can be a difficult season for many people. Not everyone has someone to share it with and I think it is important that we show love to not just our Valentine, but also the people around us. Remember to act kindly to the people you encounter though the day. Have conversations at the check-out. Smile at the people passing you by. Don’t forget to look around you and notice what is going on. We may all be on our technology but that doesn’t mean the world around us stops. We have a responsibility to interact with the world, not just walk though it. We could very well miss out on showing kindness to someone who needs it.

I challenge you to put down your phone and make a conversation today. It may be awkward at first, but you may discover something as you do it!