Changing a Negative Mind

It is a challenge to really consider what you are thinking about. To self-reflect on the constant influx of thoughts, and sort out the good from the bad. The negative from the positive. However, this nearly insurmountable task is vital to our emotional health! After all, we are what we think. If you want to be positive, you must allow only positive thoughts to occupy the foreground of your mind. If a negative thought ever pops up, you need to push it away. Fight back with a counter-thought. Something positive. Keep fighting! Never give up! We were created to live for so much more than what we allow ourselves to become. Choose positivity. Retrain your mind and find the good.

Changing my thoughts

My anxiety has taken over much of my “mind space” lately and it is my goal to actively work to change that. Over the years, I have learned that whatever my mind is dwelling on, I become. So, I have been a very snippy, irritably and anxious person. 

To begin changing my thoughts, I started my day with quiet time to reflect on God. I have been neglecting reflection time, and I believe it is important to quiet our minds and have them alined with God. 

Today, each time I have a negative thought, I am going to combat it with a positive one.

Have any of you had to retrain your minds to be positive? What did you do?