It’s time to slow down

Today is the first day in over month that I have been able just stay home and relax. It feels so incredible to be able to curl up on the couch, binge watch on Netflix, and cuddle with my husband & dogs! I think it is really important that we take time out to just relax. Put aside our stress, put aside our worries, our anxieties, and just relax.

Take time to enjoy your day and those you love today!

Lessons I learned from my Dogs

A few weeks ago I posted about how my dogs have taught me the importance of being non-judgmental. Since that post, I have been paying more attentions to the qualities that my dogs possess that I can draw from to become a better person. I have noticed, and I am sure many of you have as well, that dogs are extremely loyal. For example, I was away for a conference last week, and my husband called to tell me that Tripod would not eat because she was so upset that I was not at home. She would wait by the gate, just hoping to see me drive up the driveway and come cuddle. I was gone for two days, and I was so sad to hear she was devastated. When I am home, she will constantly be by my side ready to give me a kiss or snuggle up beside me. Currently she is pressed up against my leg taking a little nap.

My other two dogs are also very loyal. Whenever we have company over  they will hover around my husband and I just to make sure we think the visitors are worth being friends with. They are always there when I need a little wet nosed pressed against my cheek. They never question my judgment and are always there to lend an ear (even though they can’t understand me, they at least look at me like they do lol).

I want to be able to give my friends and family the same feeling of comfort and assurance that I will be there for them whenever they need me. I want to let them know that when they are not around, I miss spending time with them. Of course taking it to Tripod’s level would be a little unhealthy, but she was a rescue dog so we treat her with a gentle touch. I believe dogs are a wonderful example of how to be a great and loyal friend. IMG_9095 IMG_0065 029IMG_0065


I love corny poems

Through my window I see the moon is really bright,

I suppose that is because it is the middle of the night.

The snores of my dogs resound in my ears,

And my husband’s arms keep away my fears.

My lids grow heavy and its hard to stay awake,

So it is off to dreamland until dawn will break.