My very first Podcast!

Last night I created my very first podcast! Since you all have been so wonderful and have supported me as I have opened up about my anxiety. On my podcast I go deeper into explaining what anxiety is and how I have coped. Also, you will get to hear my voice, which I’m sure you have been dying to hear! LOL! As always, I insert my own humor and quirky jokes! Check it out!

My Podcast

How come weekends go by so fast, and weekdays are so slow?

Well, another weekend is coming to an end, and a new week is just around the corner. It was such a relaxing weekend. I am sad to see it end. I loved spending unhurried time with my husband and dogs. There is something purely glorious about being able to forget what day it is and just be lost in moments filled with sweet laughter and warm snuggles. 

Yesterday, we walked around our neighborhood, which we don’t normally do because we live in a rather remote-ish place and the block is not defined with concrete or asphalt. The entire neighborhood is in the middle of the mountains (only 6 minutes from town, but it seems further) and is along bumpy, dirt roads that have been worn solid from the passing cars. However, we do frequently ride our quads around it, and the distance doesn’t seem like that big of a deal. WELL, when walking, it is TOTALLY different. It took forever! I, personally, felt as if the walk was never going to end. It truly believed the new year would begin before I made it back home.

My husband was riding his bike while I was walking the two little dogs, and he was just having a great time. He was riding up and down the ditches and trying to do the tricks and jumps he use to do in college (it wasn’t as easy for him now that he is a month away from thirty!) I, on the other hand, was dying! The sun was setting directly into my eyes and it seemed like we were constantly walking up hill! One of the little dogs, Thor, was so tired that we had to stop several times just so he could take a break. He normally is a great little walker, but I think the sear distance of this trek was much more than he, or I, had bargained for! My other dog, Tripod, was like my husband and completely enjoying herself She chased some rabbits and sniffed very tiny plant and cactus that we passed.

By the time we got home, Thor and I instantly went inside, drank a huge glass (or water bowl in Thor’s case) and laid down on the couch. I believe this will be the last time my husband picks the route for our walks. I’m pretty sure he chose it because it is only 5 minutes on the quad. I don’t think he took human manpower into consideration. I still love him though! The Rascal!  🙂

After such a relaxing (and a loooong walk) I feel ready to go for the week. I have all my lesson plans ready, and I’m looking forward to helping my students improve their writing skills! Writing is my FAVORITE subject to teach and we are spending the entire week, in my language arts class, working on it. Half of my students will be working narrative writings and the other half will be working functional writings. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed planning it! 

I hope you all have a wonderful week, and I look forward to coming home after a long and exhausting, yet fulfilling day of work, to read your posts!


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Small Moments Add Up To A Huge Life

With the weather changing here in Arizona, it feels as if new life is springing out of the ground. Everything looks so green (by desert standards) and there are various types of animals running around that I haven’t seen in awhile (including a scorpion AHH there is a picture at the bottom for you to enjoy lol). Today, my husband and I drove around doing our errands with the windows down and the wind whipping our hair out in every direction. I felt incredibly at peace. Relaxed and carefree. Just riding around in the car beside the man I love seemed to fill me completely with joy. As I snuggled my dogs after they came home from the groomers, smelling like warm cookies, I couldn’t help but allow an enormous grin to crack across my face. There were times during my life where I never thought I could experience peace or complete happiness. Anxiety was all I could feel. Since it was so overpowering there was no room in my brain for anything else. My journey to a healthier mind and spirit has reminded me not to take these small moments for granted. To take time during a busy to just talk with one of my students about something other than school. To quiet my mind and listen only to the sweet, delicate chirps of the birds hidden behind the cacti in my backyard. I have learned through my 29 years of life that life is not about being perfect all the time. It is about never giving up, even when it seems impossible. Had I ever given up and allowed myself to be controlled by anxiety I would never be able to enjoy these simple moments.

Life is beautiful.


OH! And here is the nasty scorpion we found the other day having a good ol’ time on our back porch! I don’t think so!

AHHH! I hate these!

AHHH! I hate these!

Good Morning Mountains!

When I woke up this morning to let my furry friends outside, the air was cool and fragrant! The breeze pulled through my hair and the smell of Fall (or really just a cooler summer since it is Arizona) was evident! So, I decided to practice my yoga outside! It was glorious! Plus, I was joined by some little friends!