Rain in the desert!

It doesn’t often downpour here in the desert, but let me just say that it is today! At 5 am my husband shook me awake and told me to listen to drops pounding against our shingled roof. Living in Ohio for most of my life, rain was never a big deal. It happened pretty much daily. However, out here it is different. It doesn’t just drizzle, it POURS! It is like a water hose is turned on just over our town. The streets floss instantly and it can be dangerous to drive if you’re not careful. But I love watching it and taking it in the beauty of the rarity. Tomorrow there will be some crazy creatures that emerge from their hiding places, wake up from hibernation and it will be awesome to see!

Yay rain!


All is quiet in the sand

Through the darkness the only light that eliminates is the cool glow of the stars above. Millions upon billions of distant globes of light burst through the crisp night air to give life to the creatures who only come out at night. The scorpions with their poisonous strikes, laboriously creep their way towards their prey, waiting for just the right moment to strike. The owls perch on top of cacti to scan the desert sands for their dinner, while the kangaroo rat bounces along trying to shake the feeling of eyes watching. The cool, crisp summer wind tousles the tumbleweeds back and forth and it sings its bedtime song to all those who loose themselves in wonder at the life that comes alive only when the sun disappears.  


Goodnight and sleep tight! Don’t let the tarantulas bite!