And anxiety returns

As I have been sharing over the last several weeks, my husband and I are moving forward with beginning our family aka having kids! What we have been talking and praying about, is whether to foster/adopt first or have a biological child first. We had decided to pursue foster/adopting first, however, we reached a mild road block in the process. We have been placed on a waiting list and it will be several months before we actually begin foster care training. Naturally, we were disappointed, however, we revisited the discussion about having a biological child first, and after much praying and talking we have decided to go ahead with trying to get pregnant! 

Foster care is still something we are persuing, but we decided that it is finally time to jump in 100% and begin trying while we wait for training. 

My only concern is my anxiety disorder. I am terrified that once I go off my medication that my hormones will increase the intensity of my anxiety. I want my baby to be healthy and I don’t want my anxiety to get in the way.

Have any of you dealt with an anxiety disorder while pregnant? If so, how did you help yourself? 

Full of Thanks

This week has been a whirlwind! Thanksgiving has been fantastic. My husband and I hosted, for our second year in a row, and I absolutely love being the host. The best part of this weekend is that I have not had any anxiety! I am so thankful that I am able to go so long without anxiety! Whoohoooo!

Also, this week, my husband and I completed our foster care paperwork, and are now waiting to schedule our first training session. We are continuing to pray about the process as we are waiting to begin. I must say, that the waiting is terrible, and we haven’t even been waiting on a child yet! MY GOODNESS!