The difference a year can make

My spirit feels light

No longer oppressed

By the constant pressure

Anxiety brings.

I can feel emotion again

Worry no longer dominates

My mind is free

From its grasp.

A year of healing

365 days of cleansing

I never imagined

I could feel so good!


Anxiety hasn’t visited me in awhile

I have realized that I have gone a long stretch of time without being bother by my pesky friend, anxiety! I had a mild bout with her about a week ago but nothing much before that and none since I have been on vacation at my parents house! It feels liberating to be able to go days, almost weeks without it! I am loving the freedom of living in the moment and absorbing the joy and emotions of the atmosphere. With my anxiety, I had no room for any other feeling. Now there is plenty of room to experience an array of emotions I haven’t felt in a long time!

Just in time for Christmas!

Hello Anxiety Free Day!!

Today I overcame an obstacle that I never thought I would have the strength to overcome! I went through the entire day with almost no anxiety! I will admit that for about 30 minutes had some anxious discomfort, but I was able to remember my my coping techniques and push through it quickly! Keeping a positive attitude, breathing deeply and remaining in prayer. Also, about 2 months ago I began taking a very small dosage of  anxiety medication to help even out what is functionally happening in my brain. It was a very difficult discussion to make. I struggled a lot with feeling weak and not wanting to depend on anything other than my own strength. However, I have been learning that admitting I needed something a little extra so I could get back to feeling like myself, shows courage and strength. My husband and my family have provided me with such amazing support system. I know I could never have come this far in my healing process without them. 🙂


I am very proud of how my mind did not stick to the anxious thoughts and I was able to revert back to a positive mindset. There have been times in my past where I would remain constantly anxious for months at a time. I still have rough days, even with the medicine, but my good days far outweigh them. When I was younger, I never thought I would be able to live happily while still having this disorder. It feels wonderful to know that it is possible! It is possible for everyone!