Count Your Blessings

Over the past few days I have really been focusing on the numerous blessings in my life. I truly, truly love my job as a teacher, my family is supportive of my anxiety struggles, my dogs are very cuddly and sweet, my friends are fabulous and honest, and my husband is my rock! He was also been promoted to Assistant Principal a few weeks ago, and I am gushing with pride! He is only 30 years old and it is incredible that he was able to earn that position at such a young age! I certainly know how to pick ’em!

This season just reminds me to focus on giving to others and there are so many whom I am thankful for and blessed by. Years ago, I never dreamt I would be this happy and content with my life. Just even 5 months ago! It is incredible how changing my mindset could spark off life changing actions and produce a fruitful life.

Remember to take time and identify your blessings. No matter how small. There is always hope.

The Importance of Support During Rough Times

I must admit that this week has been horrendously long and outrageously stressful. Unexpected tasks seemed to pop up out of nowhere and my attitude started to sour. I have to say, tears were involved.

However, my core support team of friends and family were right there for me, cheering me along. When I felt I couldn’t carry on, they told me I could do it and helped me back onto my feet. They were utterly amazing.

I know that I couldn’t have made it though the week without a huge mental breakdown if my friends and family had not been there for me. Also, had I not opened up to them, they wouldn’t of known I needed them so badly. I believe it is critical for us to open up, even if we feel ashamed, to those closest to us. Those who love us will never judge. They will only open their arms widely and welcome us into their embrace.