ADHD high 

Over the last few days I have been experiencing an ADHD high. By this I mean that my ADHD has been kicked into high gear and I have been unable to stay on topic for more than 10 seconds. I talked at about 200 words per minute and slept only a few hours. A lot of this energy was devoted to getting my classroom and lesson plans prepared for the start are school, which is next week. 

As I have studied ADHD through my Masters degree, myself and my students, I have noticed that we ADHD suffers tend to experience periods of highs and crashes. Being on a high can be very annoying at night time (or in a professional meeting). However, it is also wonderful because during this time, if we are taught the skills, we are able to harness our creativity and put it to good use. I was able to cross off a lot of the items on my to-do list and my classroom looks great! I am feeling wonderful about this upcoming school year. 

Considering I have only had 3 hours of sleep in the last 48 hours, I knew I had to try and help the high disappear. I have had a two week high and let me tell you, the crash that follows is horrible! Now, I help my mind calm down, I found a very slow and purposeful yoga practice to follow. I turned on a very dim light and shut out all other noises. I focused on allowing my mind and body relax and prepare for sleep. I feel so relaxed and for the first time in quite a while my mind is quiet! 

Cheers to a good night sleep! 

The back of my eyelids is all I want to see

Now it is time to snuggle into bed,

And find a soft pillow to place my head.

I long to drift off into a world of sweet and wistful dreams,

And hope not to have nightmares filled with dark schemes.

All bundled warm and safe under my covers is the only place I want to be,

And the back of my eyelids is all I wish to see!