My year anniversary of beginning my anxiety healing journey is coming up, and I have been reflecting on it a lot lately. When I compare my life to a year ago, health wise, it is hardly the same. My life centered around how to get around how to get away from situations that triggered my panic attacks. It has been almost a year since I have had one, and I never thought it would be possible! I love how far I have come!

Anxiety healing allows us to live a full life!

Over these past few months, I have seen drastic changes in all areas of my life. First, my thoughts are so much clearer since they are not clogged up by the endless cycle of anxiety! Literally, all I could think about for months at a time, was anxiety. I know my husband, who is always so patient and understanding, was tired of hearing me talk about how I was so anxious. Since I have been taking some medication the chemicals in my brain are balanced out and I am able to focus on thinking about everything else! 🙂

I also have been having a lot of stress at work, but the positive kind of stress, and I have not had any anxiety! I have been given a lot of more responsibility and I have been leading my own department, planning lessons for other teachers, and mentoring. I am thriving in my career! I love feeling like myself again and living out my passion every day! Teaching!!

Last year when my anxiety was pushed into overdrive from a birth control I was taking, I never thought I would be normal again. I thought anxiety would always control me. I never imagined I could take control, and steer my life in the direction I wanted.

I do not believe that taking medication should be the only solution to anxiety. However, there are times when it is necessary. During those times, it is important to learn other coping skills, in addition to the meds, to help curb the anxiety. One of my good friends, who is a counselor, told me that medication allows our brain to become balanced enough so that we can use our coping skills instead of continually focusing on the panic of anxiety. That really was a great explanation. Also, exercise helps a lot and can help refocus the brain. Yoga has helped me learn how to breath through stress and it has really opened up my chest, which always tightens when my anxiety is high.

I full understand what it is like to be stuck in the darkest moments of anxiety. To feel panic rising through the body. I know what it is like to not be able to focus on the world around you because you are too terrified and stuck in your own thoughts. I have been there, and I’m sure I will be there again. Just remember that there is hope. Anxiety does not have to control your life! You are free to live the life you want. Anxiety Free (or well…under control) 🙂