Allow Happiness In

Letting go of fears and anxieties is incredibly difficult. There are so many logical (and even illogical) reasons to hold on to those feelings, but there comes a point where we have to let them go. To allow happiness to fill you from the inside out. It is ok to be happy. It is ok to enjoy something good that comes your way. You may not think your deserve it, or that it could last, but just remember that you DO deserve happiness! You deserve every ounce of joy and it is ok to soak it up. You don’t have to live your life afraid of anything good that comes your way. That is no way to live your life.

Let happiness in. Bask in the bright parts of life. Don’t let anxiety and fear get in your way. Push past them and remember that you are amazing and you deserve it.

What are your best qualities?

There are always times when we all feel down and, for lack of better words, beat ourselves up. In the past, there have been times where I could hardly look in the mirror because I was so angry with myself. I truly think we are often times too hard on ourselves. We beat ourselves up over small things, and some not so small things, but honestly, I believe we are all trying our best in the situations we are in.

If you are feeling down about yourself I want you to write down at least one thing you like about yourself. ANYTHING! Each day, add one more item to the list, and soon you will see you have many wonderful qualities about yourself!

If you would like to comment below and leave some things you like or even love about yourself, feel free! We should share our self love!! 🙂

Here are my top three:
1. I like my excitement about life
2. I have a huge imagination
3. I have pretty amazing hair

Goodbye 2014!

Currently there are less than 30 minutes until New Year’s Day here in Arizona, and I am so excited! I am sitting next to my husband, and pups, soaking in the last few minutes of 2014. I am looking forward to a new year and all the experiences it will bring with it! There may be difficult times, but I know they will make me stronger. This year has brought me so far on my anxiety journey, and it’s hard to image that I could be taken even further, but I am ready for it!!

I hope you have an amazing New Year’s!

I love my mom!

This evening my family and I have been watching Christmas movies, after we had spent the day shopping! I have missed spending quality time with them and it just feels so good to be back here! I feel so blessed to have a close knit family and we continue the traditions we started when we were kids! For the past 29 years my parents have given us pjs on Christmas Eve so we could have nice pictures on Christmas morning. So, today mom and I bought those pjs for everyone so we could continue the tradition!

It is utterly surreal to be back home because it feels as if I have never left. The feelings of stress and worriedness have bee replaced with relaxation and contentment. I adore being with my family and am looking forward to the next few days with them! I hope they go by slowly!

Silence really can be golden

Over the last year and a half, since I have been married, I have learned a very important lesson. Silence can be a great thing! What I mean is that when you’re having an argument with someone it is ok to hold your tongue and go completely silent. I find that when I am upset I tend to say some pretty nasty things. As a writer, I have a plethora of large, descriptively hurtful words that intend to toss around in my moments of frustration. It was invaluable to learn this lesson. I noticed that when I went silent during the times I was most angry, my husband and I were able to find resolution quicker. We didn’t have to clean up the mess that would have ensued had more colorful words.

This lesson can be applied in any area of our lives. When I am upset with a student, colleague or family member, I can practice guarding my words. It is important for us to be able to gather our emotions before we speak. It will save us a lot of heartbreak in the end. 🙂

Think about What You are Thinking About

A positive life is built on the foundation of positive thoughts. If our thoughts are clouded by negativity, it is impossible to live a positive life. Our actions are reflections of our thoughts, so if you think poorly about yourself then your actions will demonstrate that. If you hate your job, your actions
will reflect those thoughts. People can sense if we are optimistic or pessimistic people almost instantly. It can be draining to be around someone who is always upset about something and people may start to avoid you if you are a negative person.

When my anxiety was at its height, I was stuck in the endless cycle of negative thinking and my life seemed to be crumbling around me. However, I decided I didn’t want to live like that anymore. I spent a lot of time reading my bible and filling my brain with positive thoughts! Guess what?! My world became a little brighter one thought at a time. 🙂

Today, pay attention to what you are thinking. Try to change a negative thought to a positive one.

Have an awesome day!

What the heck is love?

Love. This simple four letter word has ignited passion throughout the ages. Plays, poems, songs, novels, and even war have been inspired by this little word. It’s hard to comprehend that such a tiny word, with only one syllable, has been the very reason why we all exist. Our creator designed us out of love and we pursue it in all aspects of our life. Whether it be romantic love, family love, or just a passion for an activity you engage in that gives you pleasure and fulfillment.

But love is more than a word. More than the verbal confirmation of affection. Love is not just a noun. Love is a verb. An action that must be continually demonstrated through our own lives to express the truth that these four letters possess. Love is dedication in the mist of hardship and struggle. Love fights through times where everything seems impossible and the darkness is all encompassing. It sparks a burning ember of hope that begins to lighten the dark and pushes aside the despair and ruin.

Love cannot just be spoken. Words are not enough. Saying the right thing at the right time cannot determine the depth of love. Love is action and Actions alone show love. Choose to demonstrate acts of love to those around you. Most importantly, look for others heaping these loving acts towards you. Don’t harden yourself against it, open yourself to the beauty and joy that are the side effects of love. Believe me, I know it is scary, but it is worth it.

Be a Light

In a world full of negativity and darkness, choose to be a beam of positivity and light. The world has enough problems, so choose to not be one of them. Even when you feel at the bottom of the pit and you are being engulfed by darkness, you still have a choice on how you react. You can give in, or you can push on. Make the choice to push on. The decision to push onward will create a small light of hope inside of you, and as you continue to fight the darkness, it will grow brighter! One day you will win! You have been given the strength to conquer the fears and anxieties that plague you. Just don’t give up.

Seriously! I love being a teacher!

I know I have written this in the past, but I truly love my job as an educator. Over the last few days I have been very frustrated and stressed about the political side of my job, and it has really worn me down. I have more responsibilities as well so it was beginning to pile up and weigh me down. However, tonight I was reminded why I love what I do. It’s the kids. It is so rewarding to be able to make a difference in their lives everyday. There are many kids at school who don’t have a loving and safe home, and I feel honored to provide them with that within my classroom walls.

Tonight I made a podcast for my kids (since they have to make one) and I pretended I was a middle school girl talking about her day! I had so much fun making it! I cannot wait to show them tomorrow! Just by making this podcast I reminded myself why I do what I do. I love making learning fun and showing them that life is an endless road of new and exciting things to learn! I love that we all share laughter and adventures in academics in my class!

If you happen to be in a rough time at work, school or even just in life, try to find your joy. Your reason for why you carry on everyday. If you cannot think of anything, do something you love and it will reignite passion and help refocus your mind onto the good. Remember that you are not alone and we are all here for you cheering you onward towards happiness!

Inspire Someone Today!

Each and every one of us has a talent that makes us unique. When we embrace our talents and passions others around us take notice. They see the joy that using our talents brings us and they want to be apart of something like that. They want to shine. So today I challenge you to demonstrate your talents positively and inspire those around you. The world is full of darkness, yet the light that lives inside us can push it away. Someone may have a bad day and when they are touched by your passions it may help shed a glimpse of light into their heart and give them hope once again.

Be an inspiration!