The back of my eyelids is all I want to see

Now it is time to snuggle into bed,

And find a soft pillow to place my head.

I long to drift off into a world of sweet and wistful dreams,

And hope not to have nightmares filled with dark schemes.

All bundled warm and safe under my covers is the only place I want to be,

And the back of my eyelids is all I wish to see!


My very first Podcast!

Last night I created my very first podcast! Since you all have been so wonderful and have supported me as I have opened up about my anxiety. On my podcast I go deeper into explaining what anxiety is and how I have coped. Also, you will get to hear my voice, which I’m sure you have been dying to hear! LOL! As always, I insert my own humor and quirky jokes! Check it out!

My Podcast