It’s time to slow down

Today is the first day in over month that I have been able just stay home and relax. It feels so incredible to be able to curl up on the couch, binge watch on Netflix, and cuddle with my husband & dogs! I think it is really important that we take time out to just relax. Put aside our stress, put aside our worries, our anxieties, and just relax.

Take time to enjoy your day and those you love today!

Count Your Blessings

Over the past few days I have really been focusing on the numerous blessings in my life. I truly, truly love my job as a teacher, my family is supportive of my anxiety struggles, my dogs are very cuddly and sweet, my friends are fabulous and honest, and my husband is my rock! He was also been promoted to Assistant Principal a few weeks ago, and I am gushing with pride! He is only 30 years old and it is incredible that he was able to earn that position at such a young age! I certainly know how to pick ’em!

This season just reminds me to focus on giving to others and there are so many whom I am thankful for and blessed by. Years ago, I never dreamt I would be this happy and content with my life. Just even 5 months ago! It is incredible how changing my mindset could spark off life changing actions and produce a fruitful life.

Remember to take time and identify your blessings. No matter how small. There is always hope.

How best to support my husband?

Currently, my husband is getting his masters degree in educational leadership, and I am so proud of all the hard work he has invested into the program. He goes to work all day, as the Dean of Students at our middle school, and then comes home and works on his homework until he goes to bed. This has been going on for a year and a half.

To add to his stress and success, This past Monday, he began working as the Vice Principal! He is now filling the role of Vice Principal and the Dean of Students, all while he is balancing the final 16 weeks of his Masters. Talk about a crazy schedule!

Obviously with a schedule this jam packed and overloaded, we do not get a lot of quality time. Of course it is incredibly difficult for me, but I have been working on understanding the stress and strain he has been under. I noticed I had been arguing a lot with him about how he doesn’t have time for me, but I need to remember that he is doing all of this work to provide for me and support the dreams and aspirations I have for my future.

My question is, have any of you ever been in this situation? I feel out of my element and I do not know how best to support him. What are your thoughts?

Thank you!

Adventures with my husband

My husband and I have been on a little mini vacation and it has been wonderful! Our lives get to be so busy that it is difficult to find time to just have fun together. It seems like we have put all of our energy into all of our responsibilities and we are so exhausted by the end of the day that we have no energy left for each other. It feels so good to be away from
Everything and just enjoy one another!







The Tendrils of Love

The tendrils of love reach out for me as I try to run away, but they reach out and pull me back. There are moments when the fear of loosing you due to my anxious disorder, overwhelms me, but your strong hands reach for me and your sweet whispers remind me of the vow you made that crisp winter day. The strength of the promise to stand by my side no matter what the future brings grows more and more with each passing day. The anxiety that wells within me subsides as you pull me tightly into your chest and rock me gently to the soothing rhythm of your breath. As warm tears slide down my cheeks you lift my face to yours and kiss them away. The cool traces of your lips burn my skin and I close my eyes with longing. The reassurance of your touch resounds through my bones and lite a fire within my soul. Your belief in my character is unparalleled and it makes me long to be the woman you see within me. You remind me that God placed a passion for life in my spirit and with it living and breathing inside me there is nothing I cannot do. I will not let you down and I whisper into your ear,

“Thank you for reminding me.” 

The strength to fight on is inside all of us. Never give up.

The love of my life turns 30!

I’m moving the spotlight from myself, over to my amazing husband. Today is his 30th birthday and I felt it was time to brag about him for awhile. He is one of the most honest, respectful and loving people I have ever known (obviously since I married him!) He does so much for other and often will put himself on the back burner while he cares for those around him. He always strives to do what is right even if it is difficult and unpopular. I can’t help it, I love a man with integrity!

I want wish him a wonderful and happy 30th Birthday!

Here are the cookies I made for him! Be jealous lol!




I guess I was grumpy!

My darling husband informs me this evening that I am grumpy, just after I snap at him for sneezing and yawning too loudly. He casts me a strange and mischievous look and proceeds to yawn excessively, and purposefully loudly. Of course, I snap at him again for always being loud and he continues to laugh and tell me how grumpy I am. I really didn’t realize I was so grumpy until I got snippy with my dog for trying to cuddle me! Oops! Looks like I really was irritable. I decided to do a few minutes of yoga, to release the excessive amount of tension I was carrying around all day, and now I feel so much better!

Even though I was outrageously grumpy, I’m glad my husband got a good laugh out it all! What a rascal!