I never want to fully grow up!

I grew up hearing my dad say that he was always going to be a child inside, and I admit that I have adopted this philosophy as I have grown into adulthood. I believe life should be about having childlike wonder. Standing out underneath the black nighttime sky and loosing yourself in the beauty of the stars. Running through puddles after a serious downpour. Riding on the front of a shopping cart while screaming and laughing up and down all of the aisles. I may have anxiety, but I never want to loose the playfulness that bubbles and brews inside of my soul. I love the feeling of releasing a loud and and unrestrained laugh when the weight of anxiety feels too much. It is healing 🙂

The world seems so much more interesting and entertaining when I view things as a child. I don’t want to ever let life beat me down to the point where I lose my wonder. I always want to find the beauty is just playing and forgetting about all the pressures that push down on me throughout the day. Today at work (teaching) I spent a lot of time laughing with the students and cracking corny jokes. When I was feeling myself get stressed out, I just refocused my energy onto the students and finding more ways to make our learning experience more fun.

So, I hope that you all are able to find the all the childlike wonder  that the world has to offer. Remember that even if you find yourself in tears, you can always  find your way back to laughing again. 🙂 Never let that inner child disappear.