Make a difference 

Do something kind today. Make a co-worker smile. Talk to a lonely student. Make a new friend. You never know how those small actions can turn someone’s heart and give them hope. 

Have a fantastic Thursday!

Feeling blessed for a life of Love

As a teacher, I have many students in my classes who do not have supportive environments. I try my best to provide them with a classroom that they can all feel safe and valued in, because that may be the only place they experience that sort of care. Even though I have an anxiety disorder, it was caused by genetics, not an unloving home. I was spoiled rotten as a child, and continue to be treated as such by my husband. My heart goes out to all my students who crave love and have no where to find it.

Love Gives

I believe a true testament of love is demonstrated by the act of giving. Not just giving gifts that are concealed beneath beautifully decorated paper, but in the act of giving ourselves to others as best we can. We all have been blessed with talents, and these talents should be used to help others. The act of giving our talents to enrich the lives others is a true act of love. Just a simple gift of our smile can brighten even the darkest of days of someone who feels invisible. The gift of chivalry through opening a door can lessen the stress of someone whose hands may be bogged down. Small acts of kindness add up to giant displays of love.

Use your talents to help someone today. 🙂