I guess I was grumpy!

My darling husband informs me this evening that I am grumpy, just after I snap at him for sneezing and yawning too loudly. He casts me a strange and mischievous look and proceeds to yawn excessively, and purposefully loudly. Of course, I snap at him again for always being loud and he continues to laugh and tell me how grumpy I am. I really didn’t realize I was so grumpy until I got snippy with my dog for trying to cuddle me! Oops! Looks like I really was irritable. I decided to do a few minutes of yoga, to release the excessive amount of tension I was carrying around all day, and now I feel so much better!

Even though I was outrageously grumpy, I’m glad my husband got a good laugh out it all! What a rascal!