Accept stress when it comes

Stress is always going to be apart of our life. Stress is a natural reaction our body undergoes to help encourage us to complete tasks and it, in some ways, acts as a natural motivator. Now, for those of us who suffer from anxiety disorders, small amounts of stress can send us into a tailspin in a quick hurry! 

We have to learn how to effectively combat stress so that it won’t take a physical or emotional toll on our bodies. Think positively when you find yourself in stressful situations and remember that it will get better. 

I am learning how to handle my stress while continuing to remain positive. I have to admit it is incredibly difficult and I have found myself leaning towards the side of self pity, and that is NOT where I want to be. I am going to continue push myself to push onward inspite of the stressful decisions  and situations I face. 

Love Gives

I believe a true testament of love is demonstrated by the act of giving. Not just giving gifts that are concealed beneath beautifully decorated paper, but in the act of giving ourselves to others as best we can. We all have been blessed with talents, and these talents should be used to help others. The act of giving our talents to enrich the lives others is a true act of love. Just a simple gift of our smile can brighten even the darkest of days of someone who feels invisible. The gift of chivalry through opening a door can lessen the stress of someone whose hands may be bogged down. Small acts of kindness add up to giant displays of love.

Use your talents to help someone today. 🙂

Find lessons in the everyday event

Life is all about learning ways to becoming healthier and more content with where we are in our journey. I strive to find lessons to learn from the simple events I experience throughout the day. I believe it helps make me a better person and I am able to look deeper into what is happening around me and try to learn from it.

My dogs are often teaching me life lessons. Everyday they demonstrate what true commitment means. They unconditionally love me, no matter what is going on in my life. Even when I have anxiety, they don’t think twice about it. They see me for who I am, and to them I am the woman who cuddles them, brings them food and is always willing to give them a good, long belly rub!

I truly believe we should try to show this type of blind acceptance towards those around us. Dogs don’t judge other dogs by the way they look, or where they live. So why should we? This is how I am going to strive to act and think. I do not want to judge anyone my their situation. I only want to see someone for who they are on the inside.

Remember, look for lessons from everyday moments.