Rain in the desert!

It doesn’t often downpour here in the desert, but let me just say that it is today! At 5 am my husband shook me awake and told me to listen to drops pounding against our shingled roof. Living in Ohio for most of my life, rain was never a big deal. It happened pretty much daily. However, out here it is different. It doesn’t just drizzle, it POURS! It is like a water hose is turned on just over our town. The streets floss instantly and it can be dangerous to drive if you’re not careful. But I love watching it and taking it in the beauty of the rarity. Tomorrow there will be some crazy creatures that emerge from their hiding places, wake up from hibernation and it will be awesome to see!

Yay rain!


Waking up Happy

There have been many times over the years when I have woken up with anxiety. Not sheer panic, but an uneasy that I did not understand. However, as I continue on my journey towards wellness and healing, I experience waking up happy and full of energy! It is an amazing feeling 🙂 Also, waking up to this adorable face makes it 10x easier to feel happy in the morning! I love my dogs!